The VIII International Meeting of the Natural Stone celebrates over 200 business meetings in Almería

Delegate Miguel Tortosa has participated in the meeting.

Delegate Miguel Tortosa has participated in the meeting.

A total of 220 business meetings have been held today between 20 Andalusian companies, eighteen of them almerienses, and eleven international operators from five countries participating in the 'VIII International Meeting of the Stone Natural', which ends next 17 November in Macael (Almería), and organized by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through Extend-Promotion Agency of Andalusia Exterior.

The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa accompanied Andalusian companies during this meeting, which it has the support of the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA). Also, invited the international delegation is composed of eleven players from US, UK, UAE, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Miguel Ángel Tortosa said that "this International Meeting, along with the Ambassadors program Andalucia Marble, we have revived this year after previous good experiences, and the presentation of the brand Macael in New York, held in June in New York, on a special stage as the Patio del Castillo de Vélez-Blanco exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, are the main actions in support of the Junta de Andalucía to the internationalization of the natural stone sector ".

Equally, Tortosa Lopez recalled "those other actions that are smaller but equally important, as assistance to participate in trade fairs in the construction sector and habitat or direct missions such as those in the US ".

Export growth

The objective of this action, which is repeated satisfactorily for eight years, It is to present a selection of operators, mainly importers, dealers, wholesalers and opinion from five countries, Andalusian supply sector, whose exports grew 20,6% in the first eight months 2017, until 297 million. Also, This forum allows to identify business opportunities in foreign markets participants.

For the delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, "Export data show that the foreign market is still key to the sector's recovery", noting that "in the last decade foreign sales have quadrupled and has grown the number of companies exporting".

The agenda of the meeting has started today with the celebration of bilateral meetings between operators and guests Andalusian companies, which took place at the headquarters of EEA, and a presentation on the natural stone of Andalusia destined to foreign operators.

Also, day 16 It will be devoted to visits to companies and installations by the international delegation, namely Ramar will attend Macael, Craftsmen Rocarmona, Marbles Antonio Pura, Camar and Cosentino. And in parallel will be the presentation of the results of Ambassadors' program Mármol' Extenda and EEA, in which its ambassador, Pamela Duarte, inform the eleven participating companies almerienses enhanced progress. Also, day 17 will continue visits to firms Stone Quarries, Cuellar Architecture Marble, Marmoles Gutiérrez Mena, Crumar and Mármoles Luis Sánchez.

The international delegation will also attend the same day 17 November at the awards ceremony Macael Awards 2017 granted by the Association of the Marble, where Gaspar Llanes Diaz-Salazar, Economy Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge of the Government of Andalusia, and president of Extenda, You will receive the award for `Comunicación' as a driver and necessary partner in the largest international event promoting the brand Macael, held last June at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

This promotion was attended hundred twenty professionals prestigious architectural design and the United States who were presented the qualities of marble Macael.

Almería: Business protagonist

Almería has the largest representation in the meeting with 18 of the twenty participants (Cosentino, Marmoles Gutiérrez Mena, Marbles camera, Cuellar Architecture Marble, Marbles Luis Sánchez, Crumar Project, García Ramos, Frames Macael, Marbles Juan Tijeras, Marble Business Association of Andalusia, Marbles Perez Garcia, Hermas & Cosaga Marbles, Marbles The Vineyard, Ballesta marbles, Marbles Antonio Pura, Craftsmen Rocarmona, Cristóbal Flores. y Natural Stone Quality), while from Malaga go Luxury Stone Tino; and from Sevilla Marble Aguilera.

This action is financed on a 80% with funding from the European Union, under the ERDF Operational Programme Andalusia 2014-2020.

Sales of natural stone and manufactured goods: almeriense leadership

According to data from Extenda, Almerian exports of natural stone (marble, travertine, alabaster, granites, Cement manufacturing, concrete, ceramics and carved stone and artificial stone) They represent virtually all sales with Andalusian 99% of the total and grew 20,6% in the first eight months 2017, until 297 million, growth is 19,8 Top points experienced by Spain in the same period.

The balance of trade balance was almeriense 290 million, while the rate of coverage was 4.287%, namely, which sells Almería 43 Sometimes natural stone buying. So Andalucía sold from January to August 2017 Natural stone and related value 301 million, which means that Andalusia, and consequently Almeria, It contributes to the trade balance of the natural stone sector in Spain more than half of its surplus (401 million).

Andalusia remains, so, as the first natural stone export community, with the 46% of Spanish sales, more than double sales Valencia.

Industry sales have grown in Almería 2017 in seven of the top ten markets in the top twenty markets and as in 2015, two countries concentrated half of the United States and United Kingdom sales (53% of total), which they remain the first and second market, respectively. US sales in the first eight months 2017 reached the 121 million (41% and total growth 39%) and UK grew 3% (36 million). Third is placed Australia (11,4 million) followed by Italy (10,9 million and an increase of 12,3%) and China (9,9 million and an increase of 66%).

Most of the sales of this period 2017 They corresponded to cement manufacturing, concrete and artificial stone, with 240 million, the 81% of total, and an increase of 22,1%; followed by other ceramic articles, with 43 million, and increased 29,1% with respect to the first 8 months; and marble, travertine and alabaster worked and articles thereof (4,6 million).

Also, Andalusian number of exporting companies in this sector in 2016 was 307 and the number of regular exporters, ie that exported the last four years followed, It increased to the 70 Companies with an increase of 11,1% with respect to 2015. Also, the 31% of this 307 Almería companies were (95), three more than in 2015. Of them, 35 are regular exporters, which it is three more companies 2015.