The VII International Natural Stone is celebrated in Macael

international delegation participating in the meeting.

international delegation participating in the meeting.
international delegation participating in the meeting.

A total of 155 business meetings held yesterday between 17 Andalusian companies and ten international operators from ten countries participating in the VII International Meeting `Stone Natural', which ends tomorrow, 18 November in Macael, and organized by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through Extend-Promotion Agency of Andalusia Exterior.

Gaspar Llanes, General Secretary of Economy and Chairman of Extenda, and the CEO, Vanessa Bernad, accompanied Andalusian companies during this meeting, which it has the support of the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA), a visit to the territorial delegate of Economy also joined, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa.

Also, invited the international delegation is composed of ten agents from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, UAE, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala and the United States.

Export growth

The objective of this action, which is repeated successfully for seven years, It is to present a selection of operators, mainly importers, dealers, wholesalers and opinion from ten countries supply sector Andalusian, whose exports grew 15,8% in the first eight months 2016, until 247 million. Moreover, this forum can identify business opportunities in foreign markets participants.

The agenda of the meeting began yesterday with holding bilateral meetings between operators and guests Andalusian companies, which they took place at the headquarters of EEA, today and tomorrow and visits are made to quarries and facilities for area businesses.

Almería: Business protagonist

Almería has the largest representation in the meeting with sixteen of the seventeen participants (Cosentino, Marmoles Gutiérrez Mena, Marbles camera, Cuellar Architecture Marble, Marbles Luis Sánchez, Crumar Project, Marbles Sotomar, Jose Antonio Garcia Ramos, Frames Macael, Marbles Juan Tijeras, Marble Business Association of Andalusia, Quarries in Turkey, Marbles Perez Garcia, marbles Cosaga, Marbles The Vineyard, Hark Quality Marble and Stone Decor), while from Malaga go Luxury Stone Tino.

This action is financed on a 80% with funding from the European Union, under the ERDF Operational Programme Andalusia 2014-2020.

Sales of natural stone and manufactured goods

According to data from Extenda, Andalusian exports of natural stone (marble, travertine, alabaster, granites, Cement manufacturing, concrete, ceramics and carved stone and artificial stone) They grew 15,8% in the first eight months 2016, until 247 million, growth that is almost five points higher than that experienced by Spain in the same period (10,9%).

With this data, Andalusia community remains the leader in domestic sales of these products abroad, an 49% of total, above 22,5 points above the second, Valencia. Almería accounts for almost all sales of these products abroad, as in the year 2015, with 243 million, a 98% and total growth 15,8% with respect to the first eight months of 2015.

Industry sales have grown in 2016 in the first twenty eighteen markets as in 2015, two countries concentrated half of the United States and United Kingdom sales (50% of total), which they remain the first and second market, respectively. US sales in the first eight months 2016 reached the 88 million (36% and total growth 6,8%) and UK grew 11,1% (34 million). Third is placed Australia (15,4 million and rising 74%), followed by Italy (9,9 million and an increase of 29,6%) and Germany (9,2 million and an increase of 0,8%).

Most of the sales of this period corresponded to cement manufacturing, concrete or artificial stone, which reached 197 million (80% and total growth 11,2%). Also, the number of exporting companies Andalusian sector grew 3,7% in 2015, until 249, and the number of regular exporters, ie that exported the last four years followed, also it increased until 50 Companies with an increase of 8,7% with respect to 2014.