The veratense Francisco Ruiz de Haro, in the library strategic plan.

Francisco Ruiz de Haro, current director of the Public Library of Vera, He has recently been appointed to a Drafting Group and Committee of Experts of the Council on Library Cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

Francisco Ruiz de Haro, will go in this advisory council representing the collective municipal public libraries in Andalusia, in order to develop and design along with other professionals in the library field and documentary, a new national strategic plan to set the guidelines for the exchange of professionals between different government.

On this occasion last July 11 held a meeting at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, to have a first contact and thus determine the guidelines for the new project which will be endorsed by the Ministry itself and FESABID (Archive-Spanish Federation of Societies, Librarian and Information), based in Madrid.

In the words of Francisco Ruiz de Haro: "Throughout a long day of work, we analyzed the aims and benefits they could bring to the professionals at the helm of the different types of libraries, when contributing to their continuing education, and acquire knowledge in certain modes of organization, services and strategies for their area of ​​work, and contemplate the possibility that they themselves can make visits and studies in both Spanish libraries (public, school, specialized, national / regional or university), and foreign, acquiring knowledge of applicable projects in other areas for professional development. "