The value of exports of sausages and ham increased by Almeria 170%.

Venezuela is the main destination for meat products of the province, followed by Andorra and Japan.

The meat industry of Almeria exported between January and last deck 33.000 kilos of ham and processed meat, a volume which represents an increase of 152% compared with the first quarter last year. For the ham and shoulder, were sold out over 15.000 kilos (UN52% more), while selling sausages exceeded 18.000 (a 455% more), according to data compiled by Extenda, from it last report Datacomex.

For these sales, the meat sector in the province billed 252.000 euros, a 170% more than in the reference period. The most important check corresponded to meat processed, with 150.000 euros (a 517% rather than 2013), while exports accounted for revenues of ham 102.000 euros (a 48% more)

The main export customer ham and sausages Almería is Venezuela, until March acquired products worth 132.000 euros, representing the 52% of total sales abroad. The second destination Andorra, with the 35%; third Japan (7,5%); and the fourth destination, Switzerland (5%).

In 2013, the pig sector in Almería marketed 79 million kilos of meat and 10,6 million kilos of live cattle. The sector also sold over 2 million kilos of manure. The value of this production totaled pigmeat 147,2 million, a 2,5% less than 2012, due to falling sales of manure, according to data from the Department of Research and Statistics of the Territorial Delegation of Almería. This billing, almost 102 million related to the sale of meat (5 million more than in 2012); 21,4 million sale of live cattle (2 millions more); and 23,8 million, from the sale of products (13 million less).