The Valle del Almanzora comes in orange alert for snow.

The Prefectures in Almeria, through the Civil Protection Unit and Emergency warns that since the 12:00 hours today Sunday 18 January 2015 and beginning to the 23:59 hours tonight, the Almanzora Valley and enter Vélez orange alert due to possible snowfall of up to 70% therefore calls for caution.

Be informed: the most effective prevention

It is advised to stay informed at all times and, if necessary, follow the recommendations indicated from.

Also, Special attention should be given to preventive rules of their Autonomous Community, which may take some specific measures in the light of developments on the weather situation in that particular area.

Given the forecast of snow

• If you must travel by road, irmuy be alert and be careful with the ice sheets.

• Find out the weather situation and road conditions, extreme caution, check the vehicle meets the recommendations of traffic.

• Check tires, antifreeze and brake. Also, we must be careful to fill the fuel tank and carry winter tires or chains.

• It is helpful to bring warm clothing and a mobile phone with spare battery and / or car charger.

• If you are trapped in snow, are advised to stay in the car, with the heater on, renewing the air from time to time, and monitor the exhaust pipe is not blocked to prevent gases from penetrating inside the vehicle.

• In case you become isolated and need help, do not attempt to resolve the situation yourself, try to report this fact and, unless the situation is unsustainable, wait assistance.

In terms of traffic

Before embarking on the journey, the Traffic Department advises the driver perform a specific planning it. For this, offers free information on traffic conditions and incidents that may affect, through the following means:

• Phone 011

• Internet: provides information on the issues affecting circulation and a recorded audio newsletter that updates every few minutes. Those interested may be found on Highway Information / radio bulletin.

• Social Networking Twitter: informacionDGT

• Free Application DGT available for iOS and Android in which you can learn about the incidents on the highways, the location of the radar, weather incidents and port status, besides having direct access to emergency telephone 112, beeper in case of incidents of serious circulation and save the routes most used.

• Teletext Television

• Newsletters on radio