The V International Conference of Natural Stone starts with 14 Andalusian firms and 12 foreign agents.

The V International Conference of Natural Stone, organized by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, through Extend-Promotion Agency of Andalusia Exterior, booted Wednesday Macael (Almería)with a day dedicated to the celebration of business meetings between 14 Andalusian companies and the twelve participating foreign operators from nine countries invited to the headquarters of the Association of the Marble of Andalusia (AEMA), collaborating in action.

The meeting, expiring on 21 November, has been opened by the Secretary General of Economy and Chairman of Extenda, Gaspar Llanes, with the president of EEA, Antonio Martinez.

The purpose of this action is that international operators know the Andalusian offer the industry and their companies, and identify business opportunities in target countries of this meeting. For this, business meetings and organize visits to companies, production centers and quarrying.

The first day of this activity takes place entirely in the EEA facilities consisted of business meetings between Andalusian companies and foreign guests from Germany, UK, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Morocco, UAE and China.

The meeting also includes visits of international delegation, formed by importing, distributors and opinion to facilities participating companies and quarries in the area. Specifically day 20 November headquarters will visit Sotomar Marbles, Marmoles Gutiérrez Mena, Marmoles Luis Sánchez y Marmoles AP. Day 21 foreign operators to meet various projects where we have used Macael in the province, and finally attend the awards ceremony of the EEA Awards.


A total of eleven companies of the fourteen participants are from Almeria (Mena Gutierrez Marbles, Marbles camera, Cuellar Architecture, Marbles Luis Sánchez, Crumar, Cement Layer, Foundation Almeriport, Mármoles Hermasa, AP Mármoles, Cosentino, Marbles Sotomar). Also, firms attending the meeting in Malaga (Tino), Cordova (Grapesa) and Cadiz (Total Logistic).


Extenda and AEMA develop a strategy for years to support the internationalization of the sector with a program of promotional activities coordinated in terms of dimension, characteristics and target markets.

Among 2007 and 2013 were carried 67 promotional activities abroad in the construction industry since Extenda, where were collected 222 shares Andalusian natural stone companies. Also, have organized 34 individual projects with companies in different countries through the external network and 21 programs tailored advice. For 2015, besides meeting to be held the sixth edition, There is planning a trade mission to US.

In this programming, has been set as a priority to the US market and it has been developed, together with the Marca Macael Foundation singular actions, as Ambassadors of Marble, which brought him to the Mark Macael Extenda Award 2011, marble from Promotion.


In the first eight months 2014 Andalusia sales of natural stone and other manufactured goods has been 152 million, with growth of 12 percent over the same period 2013, with what the community is leading the national sales 40 percent of the national total. Of these sales 98 percent is Almeria, ie practically all, with 149 million euros, 12 percent more than the same period 2013.

The trade balance of Almeria is very positive as exports multiplied by 40 to imports and the province's main markets have been the United States (39 percent of the total) and an increase of 3,6 percent; followed by the UK (11,5 percent of the total) and a rise 55 percent; and Germany (5 percent of the total) and increased 9,3 percent

Specifically, in the first eight months 2014 Andalusia natural stone sales were 22,5 million, a 3 percent more than the same period last year. Represents Almeria 78 percent of these sales, with 17,5 million and an increase of 5,2 percent, greater than the Andalusian. The number of Almeria natural stone exporters in 2013 was 98, 11,3 percent more than in 2012.


Source: Europa Press