The use of water and grape growing star in the second conference of the raft Cela

Lúcar Te Interesa Tijola

The use of water in the Almanzora and grape growing boat, one of the main drivers of the economy almeriense early twentieth century, will focus the second Conference of Balsa de Cela, the next will be developed 30 and 31 July.

The activity is organized by the municipalities of Lucar and Tíjola, municipalities that belong Cela raft, and it has a grant of 8.000 euros of the Provincial de Almería given the unique character and “historical relevance” of the initiative. The sessions were presented Tuesday, in an act in which intervened the mayors of both municipalities, José Antonio González and Mario Padilla, and vice president of the provincial institution, Aureliano Javier García.

In this second edition, supported by the success of 2017, It will discuss the economic importance of the site, from which they emanate natural hot springs, which they have served to irrigate crops in three municipalities in the Almanzora for years and is now an important leisure space for Lucar and Tíjola.

Javier Aureliano Garcia congratulated the municipalities to advance this initiative, that “traces the history of one of the great resources and Almanzora, also, It adds value to its role in the region as a source of wealth, employment and health, and as a meeting point for high society and a half Almanzora”.

“Recovery of history and traditions marry perfectly with one of the main objectives of the Council, the settlement of the population”, He said Garcia. So, the days of Balsa de Cela, which in its first edition they focused on family stories about this place, This time we will talk about the importance of water as a source of wealth Cela, as “it can serve to lay the foundation for use of this space in the future”.

Lucar Mayor explained that the waters of Cela, “soil constantly Manan, They serve to create water wealth in the Almanzora Valley”. Gonzalez stressed that, day 30, the conference will focus on “irrigation systems and the use of traditional irrigation systems, with reference to the figure of the 'Celaor', the 'rod shank Balsa Marchano', of irrigation to blanket, legacy systems ditches Arabs, and modern systems of packaging and distribution of water”.

Day 31, the presentations will focus on “the vine and grape boat”, and will discuss the traditional cultivation of this specific type of grape, “of packaging companies, the trading, and wealth creation at a certain time, that kept people in these villages”.


Day 30, the conference will start at 18,00 hours with water games, although the official opening, by the vice president of the Diputación de Almería, Aureliano Javier García, It will be at 22,00 hours. Then, Juan Antonio Muñoz historian will give a talk on 'Water culture’ and, to 23,30 hours, there will be a musical performance.

On Tuesday 31, there will be a workshop on water to 19,00 hours and a children's show the 20,00 hours. The closing of the conference will be at 22,00 hours, with the participation of Minister of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía, Rodrigo Sanchez de Haro. At 23,30 hours, again there will be a musical.

All activities will take place in the environment of Balsa de Cela, where it will be enabled “a scenario, chairs and screens” to offer the public a day “culture, history, Leisure and fun”.

Source: Europapress