The juvenile justice system serves Board in Almeria 430 young offenders.

Facilities and resources allocated in the Andalusian province of Almeria for the enforcement of sentences of juvenile justice to attend today 430 young offenders, 211 closed system, 152 in open and 67 processes involved in extrajudicial mediation. These are some of the data provided by the regional government delegate, Sonia Ferrer, who has participated with the rector of the University, Carmelo Rodriguez, at the close of the eighth edition of the Diploma Course on Juvenile Offenders Intervention organized by UAL in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs.

Speaking, Ferrer stressed that 'the public policy of the Board for the rehabilitation and recovery of youth under 18 years who have committed crimes they make the 80% of them do not reoffend and can return to society '. The delegate of the Government has referred to the role of education and training in democratic values ​​in the process of personal and social rehabilitation of juvenile offenders and noted 'the high rates of non-repetition as the main guarantee of the effectiveness of the model Board intervention in juvenile justice '

This system, that raw-court mediation in conflict resolution and restorative justice, Andalusia has become a benchmark in the field of insertion of young offenders. Since the Community received 1997 the skills to manage the administrative resources available to Justice, the Board has created and developed a complete map of resources for juvenile justice betting, primarily, for the rehabilitation and reintegration of these young. The Government delegate stressed that, 'Despite the economic difficulties, the Board has maintained all services and resources available to the juvenile justice system and the annual budget for this work amounts to 77,5 millions of euros'

In the province of Almeria there are three detention centers located in the capital and in the towns of Oria and Purchena in which judicial measures applied regime closed, semiabierto, open and therapeutic. As for external resources, the Board has a team of half open, another mediation, two services for outpatient treatment and mental health drogrodependencias, respectively; a day care center and two residences for coexistence in educational group.

In 2014, He attended the regional administration in Almeria 952 young offenders, 466 They passed through one of the three detention centers that exist in the province and 506, to which the court imposed no custodial measures, they have fulfilled them in open regime in day centers, outpatient drug treatment or mental health, or in groups of educational coexistence, among other resources.

In the field of mediation, Board promoted in the province last year a total of 408 mediation as a mechanism for dispute resolution and alternative to litigation. Mediation is an important educational potential among minors, because it is a preventive measure of repeated criminal behavior that stimulates reflection on criminal liability affected. With that goal, professional teams begin the process under which the young offender to take responsibility for the consequences of their crime or misdemeanor, understand the evil that caused, apologize to the victim and repair the damage caused to the measures to be established in each case for it.

The Diploma Course in Young Offenders Intervention, whose eighth edition will be closed today, It is organized by the Permanent Seminar for Training and Research Multidisciplinary Juvenile Justice, an initiative launched in 2010 from the University of Almeria and the Andalusian to contribute to the expertise of professionals who work with young offenders and improve programs and resources for resocialization.