The SERCLA of Galasa ends with compromise and desconvocatoria strike scheduled for tomorrow

Te Interesa
Headquarters Galasa.
Headquarters Galasa.

The commission of conciliation and mediation Extrajudicial Resolution System of Andalusia Disputes (SERCLA) -organ linked to the Ministry of Employment, Company and Trade, which it was held today so prior to the strike called for tomorrow by representatives of the 93 workers of the public company Galasa (Water Management of Almeria) It ended with compromise and, therefore, desconvocatoria strike.

The conflict had been raised before the SERCLA by the legal representatives of the workers to the uncertainty about the continuity of the company and the future of jobs. The aim of mediation SERCLA has been to the development of a plan viability of the company to guarantee its activity.

After today's session in the commission of conciliation and mediation SERCLA, representatives of workers Galasa have called off the strike after being confirmed by the company that political formations that make up the heart of the Provincial de Almería have reached an agreement on tariffs and other measures to ensure economic viability and continuity of the company. In the coming days, the registration of the agreement in the Register of Conventions and collective bargaining agreements be asked.

The SERCLA is a useful and efficient tool, based on the autonomy of the parties, It helps resolve disputes between employers and workers or unions through dialogue, the agreement and participation. It is composed of members appointed directly by CEA, UGT and CCOO-A-A, union and business organizations signed, on April 1999, the agreement establishing the system.