He poultry industry revenues of Almería 19,8 million in 2013, the 90% from the sale of meat and 5,5% for egg.

Albox General

The technical seminars held in Albox highlight the interest in laying poultry free range eggs and organic.

In the province of Almería more than 130 poultry farms or facilities-most active in the production of meat and eggs-, with a capacity of more than 2 million animals. Notable 96 dedicated to feedlot meat production, accommodate 1,8 million birds, mainly located in the northern part of the province-; and an incubator, accommodate 543.440; and 5 chicken farms cage for egg production, accommodate 45.000 animals. Also, there 15 hunting farm dedicated to the production of quail for restocking, accommodate 96.000 sleeps.

Although more modest, in the province there are 10 poultry farms called alternative start-of recently introduced- with chickens dedicated to the production of organic eggs, campers and soil. Have a total capacity of about 2.000 sleeps. Family farms are usually sold in the local market and they use this type of production to supplement income, for which often exploit unused facilities, whereby investments have not been very important.

These data have been discussed today during the Technical Conference on Organic Poultry, Albox organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, a conference that has aroused great interest, and the proof is in them more than sixty people participated from Almería, Malaga, Jaén, Granada, Cordova, Sevilla and Murcia, professionals mainly from organic poultry, livestock, veterinarians and technicians.

And is that, as the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, organic poultry is an emerging activity in which young people are becoming interested, in some cases these farms are in a business opportunity, and other income supplement to other activity. For the first installation of these poultry farms or to modernize existing, Counseling offers aid, that can cover up to 50% investment engaged youth.

The event was organized in response to the information required by the poultry sector, both issues with handling or feeding the chickens, as those having to do with the sale of eggs, authorization or registration. The training, co-financed by European Regional Development Fund, It has been organized by the center Camino Purchil (Granada) Institute of Agricultural Research and Training and Fisheries, of Granada, and the District Agricultural Office of Alto Almanzora, albojense collaboration with the City Council and businesses and Avivet Pupa Planet.

The poultry sector turnover last year Almería 19,8 million, a 2% rather than 2012. Most revenues were related to the sale of meat (14,5 million kilos), laying billed 17,8 million. The sale of eggs (1 million dozen) farmers reported 1,1 million. The remaining revenue came from the sale of live cattle (29.000 birds 419.000 euros) and marketing of manure generated on farms (21.000 tons and 467.000 euros).