Toy Library Ledge in Albox.
Toy Library Ledge in Albox.

The Association of People with Disabilities The Salient has launched on Monday afternoon, 3 October 2016, Ludoteca "Everyone Plays" in the neighborhood of Las Tejeras Albox, in which initially they have registered almost 50 young people aged 3 and 18 years old, of poor families, in an initiative that has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Banking Foundation La Caixa.

The Convention has enabled the realization of this social initiative was signed in July by the Director of the Office of CaixaBank in Albox, Jose Javier Rivas and the president of the Association of Persons with Disabilities Ledge, Matías García, and therethrough, "la Caixa" intended 23.760 euros to boost this project intended to cover social and educational needs of disadvantaged children in the municipality of Albox.

This contribution corresponds to the call to fight poverty and social exclusion 2016, enmarcada en el Programa de Ayudas a Proyectos de Iniciativas Sociales que impulsa anualmente la Obra Social ”la Caixa” y cuyo objetivo es ofrecer oportunidades a los colectivos en situación de vulnerabilidad social.

all play. This project is an initiative of great social impact in the municipality of Albox, as it tries to meet the educational needs and socio children up to 18 years disadvantaged or at risk of social exclusion mainly due to economic factors, social and family factors, providing an educational and recreational inclusion service, contribute and enhance the development of the different capacities of minors, so that they acquire habits and values ​​that enable a successful relationship between equals, promoting coexistence in their daily lives.

To do so will take the following actions:

  • Provision of school supplies or support.
  • more individualized attention with support classes and tutoring.
  • Gambling activities-Leisure, enabling relations of coexistence and knowledge of the immediate environment.

The ultimate goal is pursued social inclusion and promotion in academic courses, the largest number of children, as well as the correct use of their free time, avoiding situations of conflict and violence.

The Salient is a social institution founded in 1.988 and with extensive experience in Child Care and Care for Children, managing since 2000 First Cycle centers Early Childhood Education and Child Protection Centers, under the collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Education and Equality and Social Policies of the Government of Andalusia. The same goes for the educational team developing the Toy Library "Everyone Plays" in Albox, composed of professionals with extensive experience both in Education, and working with disadvantaged groups.