The Socialist Party calls for the collaboration of the mayors of PP and IU to prevent the demolition of houses without compensation.

The PSOE de Almeria will start an offensive to try to get the Senate to pass the next day 12 March amendment to the Criminal Code submitted by the Socialist Senator Fuensanta Coves and with which it is intended that the irregular houses for which a final judgment despite demolition can not be demolished if the owners have not paid the compensation. For this, the PSOE prompted the holding of special and urgent full in all municipalities in the province, in the associations and the Council to be approved "urge all political forces represented in the Parliament to support the amendment" to the Criminal Code in the Senate vote the day 12, as explained today the candidate Andalusian Parliament and Secretary General of the PSOE in Almería, José Luis Sánchez Teruel.

Sánchez Teruel has made these statements in the place of the Plains Media League of Cantoria, where there 17 housing demolition judgment "will be demolished if this amendment is not approved".

The socialist candidate has stated that those affected by the problem of illegal housing, "Who bought in good faith and without knowledge that the house was illegal", are "double victims of crime, because the money from the compensation due to them are left homeless and without charging, if the person who sold them the house becomes insolvent ".

To end this "injustice", Sánchez Teruel has asked PP, IU and all parties represented in Parliament, "Political agreement to support the amendment and given a solution" to those affected. "We want this political agreement is born from local councils and mayors who share with us this problem tell the leaders of the PP in Almería, Gabriel Amat and candidate Moreno Bonilla Board, they have to support the Senate amendment submitted by the PSOE, which is also an amendment that is born of the group itself ", It has been said.

After the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday rejected this amendment, by votes against the PP, Sánchez Teruel has set sight on the ballot in Parliament next day 12 and has ensured that this day will be "acid test" for Moreno Bonilla. "We believe that the PP should react, reflect and support this amendment, and day 12 we will do the smell test to Moreno Bonilla, that is senator in Madrid ", It has been said. "That day we will see if it is with people and with the solution to the problems that have, or conversely gives back ", has warned.

The Socialist candidate has been accompanied by the president of the association Urban Abuses Almanzora-NO (AUAN), Maura Hillen, who thanked the PSOE "for their support in this matter" and he was "very disappointed" by the decision yesterday of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "We call on all political parties to support this amendment", It has been said, "Because we need solutions now".