The PSOE Zurgena requested to modify the General Plan to pick up ground cataloged.

General Zurgena

The next day 21 October's Full Council Zurgena discuss the provisional approval of the General Urban Plan for the first time since it started its proceedings in the year 2004. The PSOE “consider that this figure represents only the recognition of a prolonged situation of absolute neglect for too long in our town”.

“Our position has been and will always, a position of responsibility and defend the interests of citizens. In this sense we say that the PSOE presented 14 claims relating to all aspects playing plan, protection of cultural property, adequacy of the plan to the current situation of the municipality, distribution of urban land, etc., which, in principle, were estimated 8 and were rejected 6. We have also acted as an information channel between the city and many citizens who have helped in their interpretation and subsequent submission of claims”, explained in a press release.

But socialists consider “the most important achievement we have achieved is to provide the core of soil Zurgena listed in the General Plan so as to allow future growth and development. Many meetings and negotiations have taken so with the writing team, as part of the government team involved, to make them understand the importance of the document adopted is balanced and fair for all the municipal. The General Plan is a document to serve the people, not the particular service or electoral interests of anyone, otherwise failing all esteremos”.

The PSOE Zurgena is confident that this is an important step to help resolve the situation of the people. “The situation of many families for your Spanish dream turned into a nightmare unfairly. The achievement of a General Plan involves the transfer to the City of Zurgena of a legal framework for action and a tool that will help us to provide legal certainty to the situation of hundreds of homes that are in a legal limbo. And not least, to provide tranquility and quality of life for people who live in them”.

The zurgenero Socialist Party is the party-minded government, explains, “we know we have in our hand, as members of the Municipal Corporation, the possibility of changing the socio-political scenario of our people for the present and the future. We are aware of the importance that this is a consensus document, and, although the path to the final approval of the General Plan will still be long, will exercise the responsibility entrusted to us the polls as we have done with previous procedures”.