The PSOE Vera encourages young people to learn on Tuesday on Youth Employment Plan of the Andalusian.

Isabel de Haro recalled that the municipality has allocated 317.000 euros to encourage the hiring of unemployed under 29 years old.

The PSOE Vera encouraged the youth of the town who are unemployed to attend next Tuesday, 3 June, the Multipurpose Room, to 19:30 hours, for details of the Youth Employment Plan launched by the Andalusian. This plan will allow investment 317.000 euros in the town of Vera, to encourage the hiring of unemployed young people between 18 and 29 years old. The act, organized by the Association of the PSOE in Vera, It will involve the Government delegate from the Board in Almería, Sonia Ferrer, and Secretary of Municipal and Institutional Policy PSOE Almeria, Adela Segura, who will provide all the details of this plan, launched by the regional government to combat the high rates of youth unemployment.

The secretary general of the PSOE Vera, Isabel de Haro, recalled that in the municipality are registered veratense 288 unemployed between 18 and 29 years old, who are potential beneficiaries of this plan. The Andalusian has plans to invest in the town of Vera total 317.221 euros to facilitate trading in works and social services field or municipal interest, through a program called Social and Community Cooperation to Promote Youth Employment.

Isabel de Haro recalled that the program "is part of the work being done by the Junta de Andalucía to combat unemployment". "Reducing unemployment is a priority for the regional government, as evidenced by the investment of more than 13,7 million euros in the province of Almería, within this Plan Youth Employment, or the implementation of other plans shock as the Programme to Promote Sustainable Construction or Decree against Social Exclusion ".