The PSOE de Almeria drives a legal change to irregular houses can not be demolished without compensation.

Teruel challenges Sánchez Moreno Bonilla, Arenas and the mayors of Almería, Cuevas and Gádor that "are portrayed supporting this amendment to the Criminal Code".

The PSOE de Almería has responded to its commitment to those affected by the illegal housing in the Senate presenting an initiative to amend the Criminal Code which seeks you can not bring down any house without the owner has previously received the compensation due to him. With this initiative, which has been registered this week by the Socialist Senator Fuensanta Coves, is to avoid "injustice" which means that a citizen loses his home and is unable to collect the compensation due. According defended the secretary general and head of the PSOE list for the regional elections Almería, José Luis Sánchez Teruel, "This is to prevent victims of an offense was, as if they were guilty ".

The leader of the provincial PSOE, with mayors of municipalities affected by the problem of housing outside management and members of the Socialist Group, presented this morning amendment representatives of the group of affected, who welcomed the initiative. The association spokesman Urban Abuses Almanzora No (AUAN), Gerardo Vázquez, He stressed that "the PSOE has taken the bull by the horns" and asked the other political parties "to support this amendment".

In the same vein was pronounced Sánchez Teruel, who has advanced that this initiative is expected to vote in the Senate next 12 March and has challenged the senators of the Popular Party to allow it to be approved, voting for. Sánchez Teruel has specifically pointed to the president of the Andalusian PP, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, Javier Arenas and the mayors of Almería, Cuevas del Almanzora and Gádor, those who have been invited to "portray, supporting this amendment to the Criminal Code ". The socialist recalled that, until now, PP representatives "have never expressed a firm commitment, only photos have been affected and then nothing more ". "They could have done what we have done", he assured, before inviting them to take advantage of "last chance", voting for this amendment.

Teruel Sanchez recalled the work done by the PSOE to offer solutions to owners 12.000 housing outside management that exist in the province of Almería. In this sense, has indicated that the regional government is handling what was in his hand, it was amending Article 185 of the Law on Urban Planning of Andalusia, and socialist mayors have worked on adapting the urban planning of its municipalities to get the largest possible number of houses can be regularized.

The third line of work, now you are viewing culminated, was the presentation of the amendment in the Senate, where you are prompted to enter an article in the Penal Code which provides that "the compensation payable to third parties in good faith (…) they must ensure (…) as a precondition for demolition "and that" if you can not guarantee that compensation will not be able to order the demolition ".

"At this time, thanks to the work of the PSOE, progress has been very important in the resolution of this problem and this shows that politics is a useful tool to meet the needs of the people ", Sanchez has defended Teruel.


Of the Socialist Group (GPS)

The Parliamentary Socialist Group (GPS), under the provisions of Article 107 Senate Standing Orders, makes the following amendment to Sole Article. One hundred and sixty nine.








Sole Article, section one hundred sixty nine bis (new), article 319, 3


The introduction of a new paragraph hundred sixty nine bis intends to only article, by amending the wording of paragraph 3 Article 319 to, as follows:

" 3. Anyway, the judges or courts, with justification, may order, by the perpetrator, demolition and replacement work to its original state of physical reality altered, without prejudice to any compensation owed to third parties in good faith, you must ensure, in any case, as a precondition for demolition. In the event that you can not guarantee that compensation can not order the demolition. In any case, without prejudice to the foregoing, the confiscation of the proceeds of crime whatever the transformations which have been experiencing will be available. "


Technical improvement.