The PSOE, against the government's decision to discard PP electricity transmission line between Granada and Vera.

The secretary general of the PSOE in Almería, José Luis Sánchez Teruel, has appeared today with socialist mayors and spokespeople for the counties of Almanzora, The Velez and Levante to claim that "brake" is set to the new "outrage" that will commit the Government of Mariano Rajoy, with his decision to leave off the Network Planning Electric Transportation for the period 2015-2020 the line was planned to connect the town of Vera with the province of Granada. Teruel Sanchez warned that this decision will entail "serious harm to the present and future of Almeria", not only because of the deficiencies in the electricity supply will continue to suffer "thousands of families and businesses," the interior of the province, but also because to remove this line, preventing the Government will develop over 20 renewable energy projects that were scheduled to be installed in the area and now can not do, the disappearance of the line in which they attempted to shed its production.

"Enough of punishing us, marginalize us and we ninguneen, grabbing planned investments ", Sanchez has claimed Teruel, who announced that the PSOE will present two initiatives in the Andalusian Parliament and the Parliament to ask the PP government to backtrack on their plans and hold the foresight to run a priority line between Vera and Granada (the Caparacena-Baza-La Ribina axis), a line that did appear in the immediately preceding this Planning, developed by the previous Socialist Government for the period 2008-2016 and was discontinued in the year 2012 by the current PP government.

Speaking Out

In addition to these two initiatives, mayors of municipalities in Almería and Granada affected have also passed motions with the same demand. With this precedent, PSOE leader Almeria has asked the PP provincial leaders to "take example of mayors", "Stop swallowing" and "speak out" against the decision of the Government of Rajoy. "We have to set foot on every wall", Sanchez has insisted Teruel, who added that, in any case, the PSOE of its commitment to "reverse" this when rule.

The secretary general of the PSOE in Almería recalled that electricity transmission line between Vera and Granada, it was planned from 2008, "Had all the approvals" and was "ready to run", to the point that even they had taken steps to make the necessary expropriations. Teruel Sanchez stressed that this line was "essential" to "provide certainty for businesses and families in large areas of Almería and Granada, ending blackouts ", but he was also called to "respond to the needs of twenty renewable energy parks, especially wind, who wanted to live in this area ", and to "meet the future demands of the industry and even the AVE line between Almeria and Murcia".

When taking the plans to build this line "strategic", the PP is "paralyzing the investment of more than 100 million "needed to construct -HA Sanchez warned Teruel, but not only that: also "jeopardizes the quality and security of supply for thousands of families and businesses, while preventing it from developing in this area of ​​Andalusia's largest renewable energy hub of Andalusia, with what this means for generating employment in the short, the medium and long term ".


Also, Secretary General of the PSOE in Almería has put the focus on unfairness that the central government is making, since the 4.500 million euros for the improvement of transport networks across the country for the period 2015-2020, only be used to Andalusia 360 million, while the Canary Islands receive over 1.100 million. "One in four euros will go to the land of the Minister of Industry", Sanchez has criticized Teruel. "It's an outrage over the PP government can not consent", has completed.