The PSOE-A would win the election with 5,6 points on the PP-A, according Egopa.

Survey of the 8 January 7 February.

The PSOE-A would be the most voted now held regional elections in Andalusia with 36,7 percent of the vote to 31,1 percent would get the PP-A, thereby putting the difference between the two major forces in 5,6 points, as estimated by vote of the General Study of Public Opinion Andalucía (Egopa) Winter 2014 presented Wednesday at Granada Center for Electoral Politics and Analysis and Documentation of Andalusia (Cadpea), part of the University of Granada.

The survey –conducted between 8 January 7 from Feb 3.200 telephone interviews in Andalusia– keeps IULV-CA as a third political force in Andalucia with 15,5 percent of the votes, But even without low estimate three points from the last poll Summer 2013.

According to the study, also shows that bring together a 55,7 percent of voters in a hypothetical Andalusian elections, UPyD consolidates as fourth political force and reach the 7,4 percent of the vote, relegating the PA to fifth with 3 percent.


(Europa Press)