The European project Erasmus + reaches Cuevas del Almanzora

Presentation at City Hall.

Presentation at City Hall.
Presentation at City Hall.

The City of Cuevas del Almanzora has welcomed this morning the presentation of the project "Erasmus +", a cooperation project for innovation and exchange of best practices coordinated by the IES Jaroso of Cuevas del Almanzora.

This project entitled “Keep on shining: a proyect on lighthouses” (Keep shining: a project on lighthouses) and focuses on research Lighthouse not only as a historical and cultural symbol but also as nautical technology. It is aimed at students of 14-15 years from five European countries conducted research from five different fields: historical and literary, artistic, tecnologic scientist, environmental and digital. Students will work with the guidance and help teachers with the aim to use and learn different skills based on techniques and research methods.

Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria and education mayor Ana Maria Castro accompanied the teachers of IES Jaroso and other countries participating in this presentation.

This project aims to analyze the role of the headlights from antiquity to the present day and inquire into the kind of adaptation that should suffer to remain in the future. Along the 24 months project activities provide the students and teachers a platform from which to fully understand the function of the headlights and also acquire a significant amount of learning strategies and technologies based on new skills.

An important element of the project will be the creation of a website that will house activities, the results, the evaluation process and the different media project. This site will also be the channel of communication between project participants.

The five stages of the project are related to planned exchanges during development. Italy will host the historic and artistic exchange, Greece will do the artistic exchange, Finland will lead the scientific and technological, Germany will address the environmental while Spain will organize the final exchange who dedicated to digital issue.

The project aims to be a number of 20 mobilities of students and 10 teacher by country along the two courses.

As pointed out by the project coordinators this morning, "we expect a great impact on our important cultural center for the transfer which will. Our town, our region and our country, during 24 months, They will be referring geographical and cultural of the educational community of four other countries and we are pleased to coordinate all this work ".