The energy saving project in the municipality of Albox will save 45.000 annual euros in light

Francisco Carrillo and José Campoy, councilors of the Albox town hall.
Francisco Carrillo and José Campoy, councilors of the Albox town hall.

A study by the municipality and the company 'Segenet’ has shown the situation of each counter and wiring.

The audit commissioned by the city of Albox and by the company 'Segenet’ on public facilities and energy consumption efficiency throughout the municipality will save a total of 45.062 annual euros to the municipal coffers. Of the eleven electricity supply points in the municipality, saving capacity exists in ten of them and, in the same way, the study proposes optimizing power supplies in numerous, which will save 22.593 euros. Others 15.551 Euro savings originate in the future rate change points, among other measures that the City will drive in this area.

Finance Councilman, Francisco Carrillo, It explained that this initiative "is part of a set of measures and studies we have done in recent years to further improve the accounts of the City". Thanks to policies such as this energy saving or the drastic decrease in the telephone bill “we have managed to balance the accounts and even have a surplus in the City Council, which means that with what we have reduced current expenses we can execute works and other social projects for the improvement of our municipality ”, Francisco Carrillo has indicated.

At the same time that the powers will be modified and the energy will be optimized at the necessary points, the City will remove four counters in which detected practically no consumption. On the other counters it is expected that an application to monitor and control real-time consumption and power installed, this being the first phase of the project of energy efficiency.

The study was carried out in recent months on a total of 94 Albox City Council supply points scattered throughout the municipality and taking into account the last ninety-four electricity bills from each of the points.