Emple @ The Programme will recruit young 2.739 projects developed by youth 101 Municipalities.

The Emple @ Young Program is aimed at unemployed young people between 18 and 29 years and has a budget of 200 million for 2014 and 2015, from own funds of the Board and the European Social Fund.

Government Delegates, Sonia Ferrer, and Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, have reported today on the development of the five initiatives Emple @ Young put Programme launched by the Government of Andalusia to boost employment among young Andalusians 18 a 29 years old. According to Sonia Ferrer has detailed, 2.739 Almeria youth be engaged in 263 projects submitted by 101 Almeria to this program within the municipalities Cooperation Initiative Social and Community.

The Government delegate said that "the regional government is implementing stimulus measures to create jobs and economic recovery in order to meet the goal of creating jobs and making Almería Andalusia and a land of opportunity that builds trust, facts, not only words ". Also, recalled that Emple @ Young joins other plans put in place by the shock Board "to boost employment among the population hardest hit by the economic crisis", as the Programme to Promote Sustainable Construction, Decree against Social Exclusion, Plan for Employment or the latest, Employee @ 30 Program.

The Emple @ Young Program is aimed at unemployed young people between 18 and 29 years and has a budget of 200 million for 2014 and 2015, from own funds of the Board and the European Social Fund. It has five initiatives: Young Active Jobs, with individualized tutoring plans and monitoring to improve employability; Social Cooperation and Community Initiative, including procurement by municipalities; the Business Internship Initiative, with a thousand scholarships; Bono reformulating the Youth Employment; and a line of support for professional practice in I D i.

Social Cooperation Initiative and Community has a contribution of board 13,7 million and covers the 100% wages of young people recruited in groups ranging from Quote 1.300 and 1.700 euros, for a maximum of 6 months. Sonia Ferrer stressed that municipalities are already receiving aid resolutions and that the processing has been "agile, because we know that our young people need to work ". As has been detailed, were presented to the 31 July, when the period ended, 263 applications 101 municipalities involving 2.739 procurement.

The Government delegate pointed out that municipalities are the ones who decide the duration of the contract and contribution group and explained that some have chosen "by dividing the amount allocated to the greatest number of young people and others for longer contracts and higher amount. Two examples are the City of Vicar, to hire 318 young people with a budget of nearly 550.000 euros and Almeria, with just over 3 million contract to 355 people ".

They are followed in number of contracts Roquetas de Mar, with 187 for a budget 1,48 million; El Ejido 186 contracts and 1,49 million; Berja, that 374.000 Euro may have 95 Young; Alhama de Almeria 76 hiring and 104.000 euros; Taverns and will employ 70 youth 91.000 euros.

The municipalities have to start projects before 1 November and are intended to be initiated when the first contract is made. The Andalusian made a payment of 50% advance grant.

As for the other initiatives of the Young @ Emple Program, to date more than 10.300 Almeria youth have enrolled in Young Active Jobs, the gateway program, for counseling and be referred to other initiatives: 5.200 eligible to work on projects of municipalities, 2.900 for placements, 4.800 to be hired with Bono and Youth Employment 550 to access grants R & D i.

The latest available 60 grants to develop 46 research projects in collaboration with 43 companies and the University of Almería, you will have to call a deadline for applicants to submit their applications for scholarships, equipped 7.200 EUR 9 months.

Bonus Youth Employment, in a month which has been running, recruitment has allowed for at least one year 28 youth in Almería. The Government delegate, which he described as very good in so little time, He pointed out that "no funding for 4.200 bonds in Andalusia, so let's keep remembering that this new Bond is much more flexible than the previous, allowing hire all graduates of university and ESO also graduates of FP, further types of contracts (not only undefined) and are part-time ". "Aid, Sonia Ferrer continued, directly receives the company and is 400 al month for euros 12 months ".

Last, is studying increase the number of placements, an initiative developed by Banco Santander and the UNIA (UNIA) and has been in high demand. So that more than 30.000 young 1.600 Andalusian companies have applied practices.
It was initially planned 1.000 scholarships 450 euros during 6 months and have been extended to 3.137 following the recent meeting between the president of the Junta de Andalucía and the president of Banco Santander. They have already started work early 10 Young Almeria in seven companies in the province, from the Board and we expect this figure to rise as employers go doing interviews and selecting candidates.

Sonia Ferrer has demanded the Central Government Jobs a Special Plan for Andalusia "as that granted to other communities and as we have been requesting for the past three years, in which the Executive has cut by PP 61% funds transferred to Andalusia to develop the Active Employment Policy ". The last cut, of 27,6 million, adds to the 400 annual euros lost from 2012.