The Young @ Emple Program Board encourages hiring 15 people in Fines.

A total of 15 unemployed youth, from among 18 and 29 years old, have been hired by the city of Fines, thanks to incentives Initiative Social Cooperation and Community included in the Program Emple @ young, part of the set of measures implemented by the regional government to tackle youth unemployment.

In his visit to the town, the delegate of Education, accompanied by the Mayor of Fines, Rodrigo Sánchez, He could converse with some of the young employees and see what their work, designed for various services such as: appreciation of urban public spaces, Protecting the Environment, local services, cleaning, Surveillance and security, development, protection and maintenance of rural or natural areas. For these services in the town of Fines, The Board has a budget of 55.286 euros.

In the province, this initiative is provided with 13 million in the form of grants to municipalities that will hire 2.721 Young to run 260 social projects. Cover incentives 100% salary costs of young recruits.


Elizabeth Arevalo stressed the importance of this project in recruiting young people to give employment opportunities to each of them and the work they do in improving your area. Also, the delegate has also stressed the need to cooperate with the municipalities involved so you can develop and carry out.


The program includes Emple @ Young, In addition to these contracts in collaboration with municipalities, individual counseling for unemployed youth through the Youth Employment Initiative Turns, placements financed by Banco Santander, aid to companies for hiring as Bono Youth Employment and scholarships for working in R & D in collaboration with the Andalusian public universities and companies in the region.

Isabel Arevalo stressed that "job creation is the priority of the regional government" and noted that the Young @ 'Emple program is tailored to the needs of a sector, the youth, having a hard time finding a job '. According to data from the EPA, the 42% youth from Almeria 18 and 29 are unemployed.


The initiative for Social Cooperation and Community allows councils to hire long-term unemployed young people aged 18 and 29 years in construction projects and social services field or municipal interest, than those who regularly performs local authority staff. The Andalusian earmarked a total investment of 13.289.078 euros to 260 approved projects to cover the 100% of wage costs 2.721 young people who may be employed for up 6 months and contribution groups ranging from 1.300 and 1.700 euros, depending on the preferences of each municipality.

Young @ Emple other urgent plans implemented by the Board in addition to boost employment among the population most affected by the crisis, as Emple@30 , the Emergency Plan, Program to Promote Sustainable Construction or decree of Social Inclusion.