Forestry Program Improvement Plan has generated a total of 353.863 wages since its launch.

With a budget of 50 million, were carried 183 works in almost 400 Municipalities of the eight provinces in the community and have created 5.416 jobs.

Las actuaciones del Programa de Mejora Forestal y Regeneración Medioambiental y Rural del Plan de Choque por el Empleo que ha desarrollado la Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning have generated since its launch, on April 2013, total 353.863 wages in the natural environment in almost 400 Municipalities of the eight provinces of the autonomous community.

All thanks to the 183 planned works, of which 170 already been completed, Ten remain active and three have been temporarily suspended. Specifically, have been created 5.416 jobs, which 1.432 correspond to long-term unemployed.

Also, This initiative has contributed to the maintenance of 2.465 permanent contracts.

As stated by the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, María Jesús Serrano, who presented the data at regional level in Algeciras, Cádiz. This program, therefore, han permitido también promover el ’empleo verde’ between long-term unemployed and among women, which pose a 13% of total wages generated.

According to Serrano, “if anything is being marked the Andalusian Government is to place people at the center action”. In this sense, reiterated that “This program not only adds value to forest land as a source of environmental goods and services, but as a source of employment and local development engine endogenous”.

The program Forestry and Environmental Improvement and Regeneration Rural, one of the three sectoral programs Plan for Employment approved by the regional government, includes in its two years of implementation a total investment of 90 million, of which 50 billion are managed by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

This budget amount is funded by the Government of Andalusia and EAFRD funds. The minister of industry explained in his speech that “recent projects are finalizing these days, so we will soon be able to offer a final assessment of the plan”.

This initiative, tiene como objetivo impulsar el ’empleo verde’ in the countryside by works intended, mainly, a fire prevention projects involving more than half of the budget, and improvement of forest infrastructure; regeneration work; revaluation of public forests; work of conservation of flora, wildlife and their habitats, combating erosion and desertification, and the maintenance and restoration of the rural heritage.

These work related to indirect employment linked to the use and enjoyment of resources and services offered bind the wild (forest biomass, cork, Pineapple, pasture for cattle or tourism), highlighting, thereby, the importance of the enhancement of many mountains for future use.

At a press conference, Serrano has also reported the actions that the Andalusian government is making environment for job creation and care for people who are unemployed.

In this sense, has been estimated at 21.751 the direct and indirect jobs generated in Andalusia under different employment schemes launched during the year 2014. Equally, los empleos que se generarán en Andalucía con el plan ’emplea joven’ and '@ 30 Emple’ amount to 64.043.