The Spanish Olympic Committee President receives the Mayor of Purchena and a representation of the Moriscos Games

Juan Miguel Tortosa with the President of the COE.

Juan Miguel Tortosa with the President of the COE.
Juan Miguel Tortosa with the President of the COE.

Alejandro Blanco, President of the COE, She has shown interest to Juan Miguel Tortosa, Mayor of Purchena, to promote a collaboration agreement between the Olympic Committee and the Moriscos Games that support and give a new dimension to this historic sporting event Olympic clear reminiscences.

The Mayor of Purchena, at the meeting on Monday 13 June at the headquarters of the COE in Madrid, It has been accompanied by Juan Luis Navarro, President Agesport, collaborating entity of the Moriscos Games; Manolo Sola, Librarian Purchena, and Antonio Lara, Technical Sports City Purchena. The meeting was also attended by the COE with the presence of Ricardo Leiva, Sports Director of said committee.

Juan Miguel Tortosa highlights, first, the great predisposition of the President of the COE to collaborate with the Moorish Games, event known and valued by Mr.. White.

At the aforementioned meeting, the Mayor of Purchena has asked to resume the collaboration of the Purchenero council with the Olympic movement that began a few years ago thanks to the personal involvement of D. Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee until 2001.

Among other contents, The meeting has revolved around the signing of a future Agreement in which the inclusion of the following sections will be studied:
-Possibility of creating an Olympic studies center in the town of Purchena that will be located in the future interpretation center of the Moorish Games.
-Carrying out campaigns to disseminate the values ​​of Olympism among children and young people in the region and the province of Almería.
-Call for a research and documentation grant of the Moorish Games.

To these points will be added others that are related to sport and the values ​​of Olympism and the Moorish Games.

We remember that the Moorish Games, in the words of Juan Antonio Samaranch, involve remaking the missing link in the chain of Olympism between antiquity and the modern world.

The Moorish Games of Abén Humeya are held from 21 to the 23 July 2016 in the Andalusian village of Purchena