The versatile musician El Chojin participate in the Poetry Week Vera

The Chojin participate in the Week Poesia de Vera.

The Chojin participate in the Week Poesia de Vera.

Gradually you get to know the cast of activities and artists who will be in the programming of Poetry Week Vera, project born this year and aims to become one of the major events of the letters in Almería. After the announced participation of the writer and poet Benjamin Prado, from the event organizers they have released another of the big names who will participate in the events of the Poetry Week. This time it is the Chojin, Hip Hop musician known, producer and author of several books.

As noted Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa, coordinator of the Week, with the presence of El Chojin "it is intended to draw the attention of the younger ones to understand first-person and a great reference for them, how poetry is a valid and current tool as a means of expression vindictive if necessary. Students of IES Vera will hear directly from this media star way to interpret his poetry and how it helps when composing ".

The Head of Culture of the City veratense, Isabel de Haro,It is shown "fully confident that we have managed to set up a cultural event of the highest level, Vera which will focus on culture and poetry during a great week, where we will have the opportunity to have among us several top-level representatives of the letters in Castilian, without forgetting that the failure of the first International Poetry Prize will also occur, which it has been a successful venture "

The figure of this artist could not be understood without knowing that social activism has always accompanied him on his way. Mind and heart accompany voice and acts. She currently teaches his "Workshop letters RAP composition as promotion of positive stimuli" Multi hand both public and private, both in Spain, and abroad. It is a recognized influencer in social networks.

Considered by the most important musical and cultural critics as a "communicator", "Modern Trovador", the new "Urban Poet", and his being described as "Rap Smart" or "Rap different work: poetry, critical and commitment ". He has participated both in literary circles as important as the Hispanic American Coffee, as an innovative way to present their texts in a tour called "not going to hurt" (concerts in cafes and theaters, with the intention of offering something new and innovative).

Domingo Antonio Edjang Moreno, (Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid, 20 April 1977) "The Chojin" will meet with students of secondary schools of the town next 14 March, in the auditorium of Vera.