The full Vera is dissatisfied with the modification of the statutes of Galasa

full of 29 September.
full of 29 September.

eleven points, including the question and answer, They shaped the agenda of regular plenary session in the Plenary Hall of Vera last day 28. Among them, highlights on 'Proposal opinion concerning initiative submitted by the public company Galasa the subject of approval by the plenary of the corporation of the modification of the bylaws of said corporation', que fue aprobado con el voto en contra del grupo municipal del PP en la oposición. En la citada propuesta se “reiteraba la manifestación expresa de disconformidad con la modificación de los Estatutos Sociales que ha sido propuesta por la empresa pública GALASA, considering that several articles of the new statutes are contrary to the current legislation regulating such matters Local Government, to establish new obligations violate the constitutional principle of local autonomy and the power of self-organization Municipal, and contravening municipal public interest ".

De otro lado, It was approved unanimously 'compliance and provide express approval to the dissolution, North liquidation and termination Levante Consortium for Local Development, composed of the Provincial de Almería and the municipalities of Cuevas del Almanzora, And Vera Pulpí, to complete inactivity of the same in recent years'.

The incorporation of the City of Vera to the Central Board of Water Users Almanzora Valley, point number 6, It was approved with the vote against the PP, yes they voted for the initial approval number 3 concerning the proposal for an opinion regarding provisional approval of loan modification file the general budget of the Corporation for the financial year 2016.

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