Vera plenary adopted the composition of the Local Government and remuneration of councilors.

The positions are full-time basis for the departments of Tourism, Town planning, Internal Affairs, Public Services; Children and New Technologies; and Equality.

The government team of the City Council approved yesterday Vera Extraordinary Plenary Session held in the Plenary Hall of the composition of the Municipal Local Government chaired by the mayor Felix Lopez and composed of five councilors: Isabel de Haro, Francisco Vazquez, Maria Montoya, Alberto Clemente and Pedro Gallardo

The appointment of Deputy Mayor was also approved whose configuration is formed by Isabel de Haro Ramos, Vice Mayor; Vazquez Francisco Soler, Second Deputy Mayor; María Montoya Ruiz, Third Deputy Mayor; Alberto Clemente Cano, Fourth Deputy Mayor; and Pedro Gallardo Garcia, Fifth Deputy Mayor.

Management areas for which they were appointed councilors Isabel de Haro also were distributed Tourism, Culture and Celebrations; Francisco Vazquez in Urbanism, Works, Environment and Agriculture; Alberto Clemente in Internal Affairs, Hacienda, Personal, Promotion, Employment and Contracting; Education Area, Health and Consumer Affairs will take Maria Montoya; Pedro Gallardo in Sports; Francisca Garcia Utilities, Trade, Weekly Market, Beaches and Citizen Participation; Isabel Maria Belmonte in Childhood, Youth, Higher, and New Technologies; and Yolanda Torres Equality and Social Services.

The last item on the agenda referred to the remuneration of members of the Corporation dedicated to the mandate 2015-2019. So, and in consideration of the special characteristics of the municipality, nature and essentially tourist services in economic terms, with a great complexity in the management of essential infrastructure, the performance of their duties on a full-time was passed to the departments of Tourism, Town planning, Internal Affairs, Public Services; Children and New Technologies; and Equality. The remuneration allowance shall 2.230 fourteen euros gross pay.

Address critical remarks to the items on the agenda discharges by municipal group of PP in opposition, Mayor Felix Lopez told Vera citizens "who are acting with the budgets you, PP, They approved for the year 2015. namely, if the PP was governing they would be doing what we're doing now that you did in the previous legislatures ". Veratense the first mayor added that "when appropriate we will make our budget as we believe that better cater to the needs and situation of the municipality of Vera". Faced with the name of 'pact losers' insistently repeated by the municipal group of PP, Felix Lopez said that the municipal government is made up of most of the popular will and to work for the people of Vera.