The plenary agreed Albox person to the cause of the 98 housing outside management.

Albox City Council today approved in plenary procedures necessary to defend the interests of the administration and the citizens of the municipality before the judicial process that are involved 98 housing outside organization built between the year 2004 and 2006 under the PP and which has claimed the Consistory bail 3,1 million, which would be the 41,7% the municipal budget.

The Socialist mayor, Rogelio Mena, has initiated a plenary session in which various initiatives recalling that "this government team is not responsible for any of the actions listed in that car" and expressing "strong opposition" to bail it would be "unacceptable approved and unaffordable ". The mayor has made it clear he will not allow "the effort that this City Council, workers and citizens have it done in labor and economic matters "is going to ruin by the previous management team of popular government.

Once the Corporation has informed about the court ruling that the provision of bail is required 3.104.185 euros, has approved the proposed resolution to authorize and direct the immediate submission of documents and resources to defend the general interests of the town of Albox and the assistance to the City in that procedure. A point on the agenda that has been adopted unanimously.

Councillor for Urbanism, Sonia Cerdán, has valued the sentence recalling that planning powers correspond to the City and that "it is totally unfair and illogical that the money of all the residents of Albox is intended to pay illegalities that have names and surnames. Skills in planning discipline are hard but clear. And as much as it hurts to say to a neighbor who does not, when no can, You can not ", has ruled. "Our political and moral obligation is to make a stubborn defense of the general interests of citizens and oppose this request for bail, authorizing and requesting the immediate submission of the relevant writings ", he insisted Rogelio Mena.

Depuration of responsibilities

The next step was to vote on the constitution of a Commission of Inquiry into the facts of legal proceedings, in order to establish responsibilities that may be committed under the mandate of PP over the years that proliferated buildings outside urban laws and regulations.

As the other points, the creation of the commission has made the vote for the entire Corporation unanimously and will consist of a president who will be the mayor or his delegate and the Councillor for Urbanism by the Socialist Group. The People Group, in opposition, also have a representative, in addition to technical and lawyers corresponding.

"Our duty is transparency, clarity and respond to the demands of citizens. In a situation of this nature can be very harmful to the interests of the City Council I believe that we must establish responsibilities, if any, for what has created this commission ", concluded Mayor.