The Comprehensive Plan Craft is effective for enhancing employment generation with an investment of 4,92 million.

The initiative, published in the BOJA, incorporated by developing new quality brand of the sector and measures to support women.

The Comprehensive Plan for the Promotion of Crafts 2014-2017 has entered into force on 14 January, after publication in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian (COLOUR). This initiative, with a budget of 4,92 million, aims to improve the market position and the potential for employment generation and wealth of activity currently employs more than 30.000 people in the community.

La nueva planificación ha sido consensuada con el sector y recoge como principales novedades el desarrollo de la marca ‘Andalucía Calidad Artesanal’; seeking synergies with strategic economic sectors such as tourism or trade, and a specific line dedicated to working women and women entrepreneurs who develop their professional activity in the sector.

The plan contains four strategic lines, broken down into seven action programs and 13 projects. The largest allocation, with 1,6 million euros each, are the sort of activity and collaboration between companies and the promotion and development of the sector. The other two lines are focused on improving the marketing (1,4 million) and in stimulating the activity of women artisans (320.000 euros).

In the first of these blocks, measures are expected to boost cooperation between government and industry players to encourage the recruitment of new professionals and enhance their skills. Programs to improve the working conditions of artisans will also develop and strengthen inspections to prevent intrusion and unfair competition.

In the same line, the plan provides financial assistance for the modernization of management and the promotion of associations. These incentives will go, among other objectives, to support technological innovation and the acquisition of capital goods and raw materials; cover labor costs and tax advice; finance costs of renting offices of sectoral organizations, and support editing of promotional publications and holding seminars and meetings.

Regarding the promotion and development, The main measures are aimed at the dissemination and preservation of crafts through projects in rural areas, the development of the distinctive sector (Charter Craftsman, Charter of Master Craftsman and Artisan Zones and Points of Interest) and the promotion of Andalusia Crafts Awards, held annually.

The third section focuses on improving product positioning in markets. For this, initiatives such as brand awareness 'Andalucía Quality Craft' are planned, the momentum of this distinctive between companies and associations, promoting tourist routes, creating a traveling festival, and opening lines of support for sales portals or improvements in the design and presentation.

Last, the fourth line of the plan includes articulation agreements between public bodies to facilitate access of women to the craft activity, entrepreneurial activities through training courses and employment.

Now, the community has 159 Registered offices, 34 recognized masters and ten Areas of Interest: Macael-Almanzora Valley (Almería); the territory comprising Ubrique, The Forest, Benaocaz and Prado del Rey, in the province of Cádiz; La Rambla, Castro del Río, Córdoba and county of Los Pedroches in Córdoba; Valverde del Camino (Huelva); Vélez-Málaga; Granada Capital, and Jaen town of Ubeda.