The Plan of sustainable construction could create 6.600 jobs in Andalucia.


The Governing Council approved the decree intended to Sustainable Construction 200 million euros for the revival of the sector. Promotes grants from the 40 and 90% in rehabilitation of buildings and improvements and facilities that allow energy savings. The aid may be requested from 1 April through the companies. It provides for the creation of 6.600 jobs in two years.

The decree Sustainable Construction aims to revive and restructure the sector hardest hit by the crisis betting investment works and installations of energy saving. Destina 200 million euros from EU funds, Most grants for works on facades, enclosures, floors or roofs and window replacement.

Aid may ask the individuals to own installers from 1 April. They will cover between 40 and 90% cost with a minimum investment of 400 euros. The Minister of Employment, José Sánchez Maldonado, emphasizes investment and creating jobs expected, around 6.600.

The decree, a commitment of President Susana Diaz, also provides a line of reimbursable funds 50 million to convert micro sector to rehabilitation. It also includes the creation of the Bureau of sustainable construction that the whole sector will open to define a comprehensive plan with measures to revive the no speculative construction.