The PFEA creates more than 2.400 Urrácal and wages in Macael to generate employment and population seating

Maribel Serrano, in his office at City Hall.

Maribel Serrano, Mayor Urrácal.

The Development Plan for Agricultural Employment (PFEA) which manages the Diputación de Almería has created more than 2.400 wages with the works developed in Urrácal and Macael, It is contributing to job creation and settlement of the population in these municipalities in the interior.

The special deputy PFEA, Guillermo caps, Urrácal has visited Macael and accompanied by the deputy Minister, Andrés García Lorca, and the provincial director of Public State Employment Service, Gregorio Rodriguez-Commander, to see in person the status of implementation of some of the five projects being developed in both municipalities, As revealed, it's a statement, the Provincial de Almería.

Macael, the deputy and the deputy have visited, with the mayor, Raul Martinez Requejo, the project that is improving the health center and has an investment of 105.000 euros. It is a complete renovation including previous work, demolitions, sanitation, masonry, carpentry and improvement covers.

Guillermo Casquet stressed that Macael is benefiting from the 1.600 peonadas through three projects, as “In addition to these important works that will improve the health service received by macaeleros, They are improving urban infrastructure in different streets and are renovating the gardens and public spaces. En total, the municipality will receive an investment of 180.000 euros”.

Government Sub, Andrés García Lorca, has welcomed the role of the PFEA within the province, as “It is an effective tool to combat depopulation of small municipalities because it creates jobs and improves services to the residents inside. It is a sign of cooperation between administrations and thank Council not only to support the financing of materials by the Board, but, also, assume management costs and be in charge of managing the entire province”.

During the visit to Urrácal, Casquet and Garcia Lorca also been accompanied by the mayor, Maria Isabel Serrano, and they visited two projects that are creating 800 wages almost 83.000 euro investment. On the one hand, have seen improvements in the streets Fraile Pepe and Oven, they are affecting 299 square meter, facilities and sanitation, and a railing.

The project is assuming Agrarian Regime, also, the conditioning of different enclaves of the municipality, as the Rural 'San Marcos' College, the environment Multipurpose Room, Town Hall Square, laundry, the cemetery and the San Luis, the environment of the pool and picnic area of ​​the Rambla, the environment of the old school and health center, the Pilar and Real streets, New Fountain and the source of payment of Los Molinos.


Source: EuropaPress