The railway heritage of the Almanzora, protagonist of the last cycle route 'Trains and Mines'

Los Canos Ore Loading Dock (Pannier)

Cargadero of Los Canos, Seron.

Associations Friends of the Alcazaba and Amigos del Ferrocarril have opened the registration period for the last of the four guided tours being carried out with the title of 'Trains and Mines' and has taken them so far know the mining past the province, crossing the railway history of Lucainena to Aguamarga, Levante mining landscapes and Minas del Marquesado. The last of the visits will be next Saturday, 2 June, and the protagonist in this case is the railway heritage of the Almanzora.

The output is provided from the bus stop La Salle, from where they reach the neighborhood of Los Zoilos (Pannier). The tour will be about 8 kilometers along the old railway line from Murcia to Granada. The guide will be borne by Francisco Sánchez, Mario Lopez and Antonio Aguilera, with the collaboration of Rodolfo Caparrós and Friends of the Almanzora.

From Friends of the Alcazaba they remember that in the nineteenth and early nineteenth century mining almeriense became one of the most dynamic sectors of our economy. Iron and lead, mainly in the mountains of Gádor and Almagrera, They helped transform the lives of Almeria and landscapes of our land. Mining revolution led to the revolution of transport, with overhead cables, wharves and railways. The first railways in the province were aiming to take from Alquife, Gérgal, Beires, Bacares… mining products to the sea. "With the First World War and the Crisis 1929 Almeria mining enter into final crisis, but as a testimony of that past bequeathed a rich mining and railway industrial heritage worth preserving for us to know and enjoy, hence the development of this cycle ", He explains its president, María Teresa Pérez.