The Patio Lights Albox Town Hall houses the exhibition of the School of Painting “Art Works”.

The group of people that make up the School of Painting, "Art Works" show the result of learning and effort in the Hall Yard Lights. Members' Art Works’ began their experience with painting a year ago and say they are "extremely excited" by the opportunity given to them by the government team Albox to exhibit their work at City Hall. The exhibition will open on Monday 27 October and can be seen in the courtyard of City Hall lights up the day 31 this month.

The works show the admirable work that students have done this year. To further underscore the progress of participants, should be noted that some of them had never painted or drawn before arriving at 'Art Works'. Professor, Margaret Alder, personalized attention and uses different methods aimed at both students and experienced beginners, for all to develop their techniques in oil the best possible way, adapting to the speed and the media of each.

"If anyone is interested in attending our school of painting and explore their artistic potential, and develop their skills, our facilities are located in Calle Malaga Albox (Sunflower Store) and classes are held every Tuesday ", invita Margaret, profesora de “Art Works”.

For his part, Socialist Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, notes that "the government team of Albox is characterized by showing all your support all these initiatives, and will continue to do so that people have diverse educational activities which use their free time ".