Marsh Cuevas del Almanzora start the hydrological year with reserves of 22,2 cubic hectometres.

In late October, Marsh Cuevas del Almanzora contained 22,2 cubic hectometres, which is a 13,80% its storage capacity. This volume represents almost 5 hectometres unless late 2013, when contained 27 cubic are (a 16,76% of capacity).

In the first month of hydrological year, Marsh Cuevas has not received contributions from water or from its socket or diversions. And is that, since the launch in early 2014 new pipeline installed the Junta de Andalucía to replace facilities destroyed by the rains of September 2012, most water diversions goes directly to the recipients without going through the swamp.

For this reason, in October Marsh sent 0,8 hectometres of water for agricultural irrigation downstream of the dam of Cuevas del Almanzora (1,4 last year), while for urban water supply, last month no amount was not allocated, because water from the transfers is taken directly from the new facilities built by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.