The Municipal Sports Pavilion Zurgena will be named Pascual Alejandro Jiménez Martos.

General Zurgena

The municipality of Zurgena pay tribute this Saturday 14 February Pascual Alejandro Jiménez Martos, local resident recently died in a traffic accident. From Saturday the Municipal Sports Pavilion will be named this neighbor wanted born in 1982. Notably Alejandro Pascual has been throughout his life a copy zurgenero, with a strong involvement in society Township, highlighting its commitment to the promotion of sports in the city. De facto, held the position of senior team coach Futsal Zurgena when he died in October 2014.

Driven by the feelings of the residents of the municipality and the rest of the region, Zurgena City Council along with the soccer team of the town have organized this tribute in which a plate is placed 2,1 meters in length and 1,1 meters high with the name of Pascual Alejandro Jiménez Martos. The homage start at five in the afternoon and will take place in that from this 14 February will be called 'Municipal Sports Pavilion Pascual Alejandro Jiménez Martos'.

Sports coach Consistory, Enrique Corral, He recalled that "Pascual Alejandro has always been a great companion for all and a best friend. He has always behaved like a noble and excellent person so this tribute is the least we could do for him and his family ".

In this sense, the Councillor for Culture and Sports City, Noelia Garcia, He explained that "this Court unanimously approved this initiative because it has a lot to thank Alejandro Pascual for everything that has given the sport Zurgena until we went. If the tribute was already more than deserved by the great person who has always been, merit contributing to local sport made this tribute a must ".

For his part, Mayor Zurgena, Luis Diaz has assessed that "for the many people who knew him, Pascual always be with us, but besides this Saturday his name will always be present in Zurgena and also so related to the sport ".