The new president calls for support and collaboration Aema his management team

The association of entrepreneurs of the marble of Andalusia since last night has new president, it is the entrepreneur Antonio Sanchez Tapia took possession of his new position just after 20.00 pm this afternoon, backed by members of the newly elected board will be his team for the next 3 years old. The ceremony was attended by a large group of entrepreneurs, authorities, family, friends… who wanted to accompany the new president and wish him well in his new career. The entrepreneur who runs the company happens to Marbles Camar Antonio Martínez Martínez, and becomes the thirteenth President of the veteran association.

A business event, austere and according to the circumstances, where the new president explained to the audience the motivations that led him to appear to lead this association emphasizing "the great effort made by previous presidents and the time commitment. I appreciate very much and that has motivated me to introduce myself. In my opinion, the association has greatly benefited the sector and therefore I take my appointment as new president, with great responsibility and commitment, knowing that previous people – business, They have done a great job on behalf of our region, our centenary industry and therefore of our families ".

The incoming president has not hesitated to be made available to all member companies and in turn has publicly called for the support and cooperation of the new management team to work on the various working committees that are present. He has also said that if any company wants to be part of any committee work, also it is possible.

Citing the motivations, Sanchez has announced the objectives for the next mark 3 years old, focusing on "enhancing the value of EEA, work to achieve the maximum number of associated companies, the voice of the sector is grouped as possible here in this partnership and the importance of follow EEA latent and present ".

As the number of commissions, Antonio Sanchez has reduced to four, integrating training in industry, finally being marketing, industry, quarries and coordination. Each will have a president and those responsible in principle it will be Jesus Posadas Chinchilla, of Artediscap, S.L. for marketing, Luis Garcia Segura, Marble Prints, S.L. for industry, Francisco Jose Gutierrez Marquez, Marbles Gutiérrez Mena, Quarry and Eduardo Alfonso Martinez-Cosentino, de Cosentino, for coordination.

The incoming president has broken the topics expected to work in the various committees, emphasis on brand building, search for new markets, differentiation under the premises of quality, service and design, promotion and enhancement of commercial activities, IGP, seeking support for modernization of machinery and facilities and support for R & D in product, textures and formats, mining, developing a strategic plan for the sector, training for employers and employees, cost reduction through the signing of agreements, collaborative work with the various administrations, inter alia.

Again, it is important to recognize the mood, courage and responsibility of the new President to assume this challenge and said he was "very motivated to work for the common good the next 3 years and I hope to get the maximum consensus in all areas and topics to work ".

Antonio Sanchez concluded by thanking the former president for the support received, praising the work and the work its way through the association, "One of the worst of the economic situation of our sector, but always putting the objectives enthusiasm, with a determined optimism about their approaches, they have certainly been necessary to achieve the great achievements and that leaves me a very high standard, I hope to keep. Antonio Martinez story with my management team and certainly, consistency, knowledge and optimism will continue to help our association ".

Also, He took the opportunity to thank the support of his brothers, Manolo and Pepe, "It's going to be playing them over more functions that have, since this new challenge will prevent me to devote my full attention to my family business ".

He also thanked his wife, which he defines as "great partner" in his career, "Who has always supported me and I ask for maximum understanding in this new stage".

And finally, "As son and representative of a second generation of entrepreneurs, I have to say it's an honor to represent all those brave fighters and entrepreneurs, like my father Pepe, today I was lucky enough to be here to accompany me and encouraging me, and who did so much for this sector have generated so much wealth ".

For his part, the outgoing president thanked the companies, its workers, EEA staff, to the board the support received in these 3 years old, defining it as "a very fruitful period on a personal level and job level, I would have greatly facilitated ".