The new model will begin School Consortia 1 January 2015.

It will solve the problems of current funding.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Luciano Alonso, announced in Parliament that the new model for Schools Consortia ensure their economic viability, good public service training and stability to their workers. For this, as explained Alonso, not depend on an annual subsidy but will ensure, from the public, the formation of a more efficient and lower cost. In this manner, economies of scale will be exploited, all public resources and will promote partnerships with the private sector to ensure their subsequent employability. The model will be implemented next 1 January 2015.

As explained by the Minister of Education, the new model is covered by the Draft Law on Vocational Training for Andalusia and in line with the Law 15/2014, of 16 September, rationalization of the public sector and other administrative reform measures adopted by the Government of Rajoy.

Speaking, Alonso has been reported, also, that records pending School Consortia already been fully studied, ie those that correspond since 2007 to the 2013, preventing the loss of both jobs and training which is a landmark in our community. And he assured they're all sent to Intervention for audit.

Alonso has stressed that with the Schools of Hospitality and other Consortiums School has ensured compliance with the law and which requires the Accounting Chamber of Andalusia. "Ultimately: transparency measures unique and unprecedented in the rest of the country; rigor in managing and strengthening the comprehensive control of public resources ", stressed.