The new model FP School Consortia ensure continuity of training supply and employment stability.

Fines General

The Andalusian Agency for Education and Training will take over the management of the centers.

The Andalusian will launch a new model of management Consortia Training School Jobs, in order to ensure the economic viability, good public service training and stability of workers in these centers.

The Governing Council adopted the two standards will form the basis of this reorganization. The first is an agreement authorizing the dissolution encourage consortia and the second a decree law that transforms the Andalusian Public Entity Infrastructure and Educational Services in the Andalusian Public Agency for Education and Training (Apaef), in order that the new agency to assume its management.

According to the new model, that will apply from next January, consortia no longer depend on the continued support of the Board but the Administration will ensure that directly, through Apaef, the continuity of its educational offerings efficiently and partnerships with the private sector and local authorities to ensure the employability of students.

The previous model, which included the participation of municipalities without their financial contributions, You can not go on the indications of the Chamber of Accounts of Andalusia, as well as various measures of rigor and transparency in public administration from the FP Jobs now requires the regional government, exceptuación including not being aware of the justifications of previous records.

The reorganization also adopted due to the limitations that the new state law public sector and local reform imposed on the participation of municipalities and county councils in the consortia. According to them, local authorities are prohibited from participating in consortia aimed not match your skills.

Given the impossibility of maintaining the system that have been running the school since its inception Consortia, The new agency will assume full management, infrastructure and facilities of these centers, linked to relevant economic sectors in the autonomous community and promoted by 1991 by the Board, local authorities and businesses. Apaef also developed and taught the actions that determine scheduling Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports on Training Excellence.

Network Consortia Training Schools Jobs manages a training offer specialized and adapted to specific skill needs in economic sectors in specific areas of the autonomous region and consists of Marble in Fines (Almería); Hotels in Cadiz; Jewelry in Córdoba; Wood Encinas Reales (Cordova); Crafts, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historical Heritage, Arts and Culture in Granada; Hospitality in Islantilla (Beautiful, Huelva); Hospitality and Tourism Bishop's Bridge (Baeza, Jaén); Hospitality in Benalmádena (Malaga); The Cónsula (Hospitality) Malaga, Artisans in Gelves (Seville).