The new building of the Conservatory of Albox already has its technical project.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, He has submitted the corresponding technical project to the future School of Music and Conservatory for the next term Albox. "The new building will have a much wider and better facilities than current prepared to accommodate the average degree of conservatory ask", He explained the Mayor. De facto, the construction project details that the offices of the Municipal School of Music have, initially, a first floor which runs on a surface of 800 square meter; what the ground floor will add 730 square meters of floor area.

Mena said that the government team was fully aware that the current building for the Conservatory is not adequate for the number of students that welcomes and, thus, he was working on a solution. "As usual, anonymously, and thinking about the choices they have broadcast barbarities as the disappearance of these schools. The PSOE was who brought a conservatory Albox, who he was now consolidated and who will bring the future of one of the cultural pillars of our town, As music education ".

Students and teachers will have, for, a new building fully equipped to carry out their activities in the coming courses in complete safety. This step is crucial, as has asserted, the mayor to keep the musical offer professional grade and attend, so, the increase in demand for music studies by citizens. "Our goal is that students have facilities that stand out for their quality and are fully equipped for musical training. We worked hard and we will continue to implement this unique project. Citizens want to realities and facts; no words or criticisms ", He added the Mayor.

For his part, Councilman Culture, Francisco Carrillo, He expressed his satisfaction "to present, permanently, an infrastructure project of this nature ". For the Councilor for Education, Sonia Cerdán, the realization of this project "represents an ambitious intervention and, also, It is known for its distinctly modern. However, Most importantly, the Municipal School of Music and the Conservatory will be located in the building an ever larger people deserve as Albox, which has never had as many inhabitants as today ".

Nowadays, This music education center whose continuity is assured disciplines taught rope, wind, piano, guitar, among other specialties. The planned expansion will, also, adapt their spaces and facilities to the needs of music theory and practice. solution will also give future increases in enrollment, while it enables a high-quality musical training that will be available to citizens.