Museo Casa Ibanez started the celebrations of its tenth anniversary.


In the first months of 2005 Museo Casa Ibáñez, space that houses part of the pictorial production of its founder Andres Garcia Ibanez and the private collection of it-a fine selection of Spanish art of the nineteenth, XX and XXI, works, inter alia, Goya, Sorolla, Antonio López, Benlliure, Madrazo, Capuleto, Ginés Parra Perez Siquier-, opened its doors to the public with the aim of providing the region of Valle del Almanzora of a museum and exhibition space reference. Ten years later, and when the cultural influence of the gallery and the Art Foundation that manages Ibanez Cosentino has exceeded county and provincial boundaries, Museo Casa Ibanez continues full of life, working with enthusiasm towards the Almeria culture and making available to all visitors, for free, a collection and programming class.

Thus, from the institution they believed that this tenth anniversary deserves an outstanding program of commemorative activities through which to show his gratitude to society and the institutions and companies that have contributed to its maintenance over the last ten years: Council of Almería, Association of Municipalities of Valle del Almanzora, City of Olula del Rio and Cosentino S.A.

The first of the events taking place in the museum will olulense which to this Saturday, 20 June, Almeria have prepared the cultural associations Argaria, Sparks-Artifact and The League. A citizen recognition of these first ten years of the Museo Casa Ibáñez. Institution designated by the members of the associations involved as "a direct result of the effort, will and determination embodied in a man, Andrés García Ibáñez, it has built, He has filled the walls with his work and part of his private collection, to which has been added, also, Subsequent purchases of the Foundation that manages and chairs that Grosz, and in which they have integrated some administrative bodies, Provincial and City Council as Olula del Río, and the multinational Cosentino ".

So, next Saturday, starting at 7 afternoon, the room 14 the museum will become a place of celebration, and thanks to the figure of García Ibáñez, in which after the reading of a manifesto linked to the ten years of the museum's musical performances will take place Sensi Falán, Ivanchuk and Natalia Rodriguez Onofre. Reason enough to turn a museum visit and discover, or rediscover, more than 400 their works 17 rooms are set permanently.

After this first act, the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Museo Casa Ibanez continue afternoon 1 July with the opening of new access to it and the new temporary exhibition hall of the institution for the occasion, which will host the exhibition "Masters of the Spanish Photography", a selection of important funds kept by the museum-photography, and presentation, and in September, the Official Guide to the art gallery based in Olula del Río. A program of events will be complemented throughout this 2015 with other proposals that still continues to work.