The device for the prevention and suppression of forest fires, el Plan Infoca, controlled gave the 2,00 pm yesterday in the fire that broke out Monday afternoon in Partaloa (Almería) because of a thunderstorm and has finally affected some 25 hectares of scrub and woodland of Sierra Filabres, according to provisional data of measurement.

Sources have indicated that the device after working throughout the night and get to control the flames that began at 16,15 hours, remain in the area two checkpoints and pumper truck and a technical in surveillance.

The work also remain to try to control the fire, about the same time but on Sunday, began in Lucainena and has also affected the town of Sorbas. There remain two specialist brigades, five seals of specialists and technicians and agents of the Environment. However, expected during the morning fire control, that the need for aerial su extinction.

A third intervention Infoca Plan in the province of Almería has developed in the municipality of Somontín, in an incident that originated the 04,35 Sunday hours, and which has been controlled to the 11,44 hours on Monday. There refresh efforts continue to reach extinction. This incident has affected 30 hectares of scrub and pine forest, and part of its perimeter occupies the town of Lucar.

The simultaneity of interventions in the province of Almería have shown “the effectiveness and operability” Plan Infoca although claims arising out of the period of high fire danger, lag between 1 June to 15 October in Andalucia.

Also, fires have affected only forest goods, have been no reported damage to materials or personal property. These interventions have elapsed without injured among personnel deployed to field.

And general, for the attack on the three incidents have involved more than 300 device specialists, along with a total of six displaced aircraft. They have also been mobilized special units of the device, as they are, Mobile Unit Meteorology and Transmissions (UMMT), the Analysis and Monitoring of Forest Fires (Unasif), Medical Unit and Forest Fires (UMIF).

The device has also shifted to each claim a team Brigades Forest Fire Research (Biif), that are responsible for making the report clarifying the causes that have led.