The IES Alto Almanzora will travel to Strasbourg to participate in the Euroscola program 2016

students awarded.

students awarded.
students awarded.

The IES Alto Almanzora, the municipality of Tíjola, will travel to the French city of Strasbourg to participate in the 'Euroscola Programme 2016’ with a scholarship that will cover the costs of their travel and they have agreed after winning the contest 'Euroscola 2016'.

Students of the IES Alto Almanzora have developed a project entitled 'Almanzora Europe', for which they have had the support of European initiatives technicians of the Provincial de Almería, who provided advice and showed them the important work that the provincial institution to bring the possibilities that Europe offers young almerienses

Almanzorí team is called 'With Europe’ and it is composed of students of the first and fourth School ESO from Serón, Tíjola, Armuña and Lucar. For these young, the added value of the project is that “we know what it means cooperation if we are to achieve great things. We know that thanks to this diversity is what enriches us and makes strong”.

The 'Euroscola’ It is an online contest whose main objective is to bring Europe closer to the younger ones involving them in the process of European construction. With the slogan '30 years of integration of Spain in Europe ', raised this year to commemorate the entry of Spain into the European Union 1986, various schools in the country have developed projects to deepen the knowledge of the history of Spain newest

For competition, students had to create a blog, in the case of the IES Almanzora it has been to a place where they have exhibited their project 'Almanzora Europe'.

They have also drawn up a plan to promote and publicize the initiative to reach the maximum possible audience, and they have had to contact Europe Direct centers in the area to inform them of the initiative to make, taking into account the real possibilities of support and dissemination of each of these centers

Last, students have made the proposed activities in relation to its project on the integration of Spain in the European Union, shared experience and have involved, as far as possible, their school community and their local environment.

Specifically, the project IES Alto Almanzora is based in the EU Travel in these 30 years in order to advance the future and is based on “respect for diversity and active participation in solidarity actions which support the development of territorial and social cohesion”.