The IES Alto Almanzora Tíjola participates in the 'Euroscola 2016 project’

The IES Alto Almanzora Tíjola (Almería) participates in the 'Euroscola' project, an online competition of the European Parliament, under the slogan '30 years of integration of Spain in European’ and with the support of the Delegation.

Through a statement, Almería Provincial Council explained that the 'Euroscola 2016 project′ aims to bring Europe closer to the younger, making them participants in the construction process of the European Union. The slogan '30 years of integration of Spain in Europe’ joins several Andalusian and Spanish schools in developing projects in 'Euroscola 2016′ to deepen the knowledge of history latest Spain.

One of the activities carried out by students of the IES Alto Almanzora Tíjola within this project has been video interviews with women '30 years woman look ', which was presented during the tribute offered by the Association of Women in commemoration of the Day of Working Women two people who have struggled to improve society: a retired nurse and a deputy of the Parliament of Andalusia.

The initiative to prepare students in the IES Alto Almanzora is called 'Europe congratulates Spain’ and it consists of the development, next 18 March, a 'Fair Europe', in which it will participate all students in the school doing different activities. The main action is the simulation of a trip where students, grouped in delegations 28 member states, visit the three headquarters of the European Union and European capitals. The simulation of these spaces will take place in the classrooms of greater capacity of the institute.

At the headquarters in Strasbourg and to the flags of the countries of the European Union, delegations will be received by a Spanish commission that will teach them the European Parliament and operation. Also, thanks to the support of the Information Office 'Europe Direct Almería', to mount an information stand at the fair, young people receive information about programs of interest, as Erasmus + or the European Voluntary Service, and other priority issues in Europe, such as the environment, employment or institutions.

During the visit, each delegation 28 Member States deliver a card with the phrase 'Congratulations, Spain’ in the official language of the country represented, which are then joined on a map of Spain Giant. Work will also show '30 years of shared memory ', a newspaper where news of a representative each of the years of integration of Spain is reflected in the European Union.

Also, there will be a karaoke with songs from the Eurovision Festival installed at the headquarters of Luxembourg, where each representation of the member states will show their winning songs. In the courtyard of the IES Alto Almanzora visit to the headquarters in Brussels for a meeting with all students will be organized sitting in a large circle and where each representative placed a yellow star with the name of your state to form the European flag. Fair for Europe also carried out other activities, the creation of stands with information from several European countries or eurodebate that will end the day, and to be held at the House of Culture of Tíjola around European objectives for 2020.

Next 1 April, almerienses young people involved in the project 'Euroscola’ will visit the Provincial de Almería, which they will hold a workshop to disseminate their work, They learn what the main targeted youth programs of the European Commission are, and participate in a radio program on the provincial radio station 'Radio Dipalme'.

Deputy head of European Projects, Carmen Belén López, He stressed that students are IES Alto Almanzora “aware of their future role as active protagonists in the history of the next 30 years old” and 'Euroscola 2016’ “They seek to promote social values ​​and gender equality and, above all, spread the importance of cooperation to achieve a more cohesive European and Spanish society, solid and entrepreneurial”.