The IES Albujaira Huercal Overa celebrates its XXIV Cultural Show under the theme 'Mathematics. More than numbers’

General Huercal Overa

The territorial delegate of Education, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Isabel Arevalo, He has assisted in Huercal Overa, Displays the XXIV Cultural IES 'Albujaira', with the director of the school, Ginés Parra and the delegate of Thales in Almería Mathematical Society and director of IES 'Rio Aguas’ suck, Juan Francisco Guirado.

Since yesterday 19 until 26 February an extensive program of activities which combine lectures will be held, workshops and exhibitions to show the students another perspective of mathematical science, which is dedicated this year's Cultural Shows, under the slogan: “Mathematics ... More than numbers!”

Elizabeth Arevalo stressed the importance of this conference which have the “involvement of the entire educational community and allow the approach to the cultural richness, artistic and educational pupils, protagonist doing so for their own learning ".

During the days of celebration of the Cultural Shows, focusing on the importance of instrumental area of ​​mathematics and its presence in all areas of life, shops seeking direct participation of students of Secondary Education will be made, Training Course and School.

The theme of the exhibition is varied and among other, se encuentran “Mujeres Matemáticas”, "String art Geometric Art", "Zócalo Alhambra", "Photography Contest Math", "Cinema", "Drawing", "Zentangles", "Metamorphosis of Escher", "Fractals", "Polyhedra Origami", "Sockets Alhambra", "Art and Mathematics", "Wooden Geometric Figures", "Cubes and prisms cans", "Measuring devices" and "Mathematics in Health".