The town hosts a meeting organized in collaboration with several groups of women Urrácal, Purchena, Suflí, Sierro and Somontín.

Urracal sport facilities now houses an information day on entrepreneurship and self-employment in rural areas, organized by the Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW) and various women's associations in the Almanzora. This activity falls within a project funded by the IAM to promote social participation and women's groups to develop Urracal, Purchena, Suflí, Sierro and Somontín.

The provincial coordinator of AMI in Almería, Francisca Serrano, explains that "from the IAM we are actively working to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment of women in rural areas, making available to the citizens of the province various tools to facilitate their access to the labor market on an equal footing ".

Serrano said that the day this afternoon held in Urrácal is part of a larger project, led by several women's associations in the Almanzora, with the aim of promoting social participation and promote the empowerment of women in rural areas. The provincial coordinator of IAM notes that "the crisis can not be an excuse to give up the gains on equality and to step back in regards to the participation of women in the public sphere".

Under these premises, the associations Zabila (Urrácal), Guadalmanzora (Purchena), Victoria Kent (Purchena), Spike (Suflí), The Serracenas (Sierro) and The Somontineras (Somontín) have promoted a project, financed 1.355 euros by him IAM, to encourage the creation of local councils Participation, to promote the contribution of women in areas such as policy, economic or social development of their municipalities.

The time now developed Urrácal aims to publicize the resources available to the IAM to promote access of women to the labor market, well as the activity developed by the Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) of the Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.

Units Employment of Women

Within the different lines of action developed by the IAM to promote the employability of women Units Employment of Women program is (UNITE), that is developed in collaboration with local authorities. His performances are co-financed by the European Social Fund, integrated into the Regional Strategic Framework Andalucía. In the province of Almería, have this service the towns of Adra, Albox, Bacares, Cuevas del Almanzora, El Ejido, Fiñana, Huercal-Overa, Macael, Pulpí, Purchena, Vélez-Blanco, Velez-Rubio, Vera and Vicar.

The objective of this initiative is to improve the employability of Andalusian women in general, paying particular attention to groups with special difficulties arising from the situation, as immigrant women, Roma, with a disability or belonging to rural areas. These units develop various information activities, orientation, advice, training and employment agency.

Inserting the Custom Itinerary guides women participating in decision-making necessary for job search and, from a gender perspective, forms the basis of the program UNEM. It is adapted to the needs of women and their personal situation, family and socio-. Through this methodology to direct users attention is unbiased, making individual contact through the program, individual counseling sessions and classroom, telephone contact to provide advice or information to the user, group counseling sessions and awareness campaigns to promote non-discrimination and the employment of women.

Red cooperation of entrepreneurial
Women are increasingly interested in undertaking paid employment, to the current difficulties in accessing employment. Nonetheless, there are many who still encounter barriers to their work, as few benchmarks entrepreneurs, certain lack of credibility on the environment and difficulties in reconciling work and family life.

Programs such as 'Red Cooperation of entrepreneurs', along with other measures developed by the regional government, help pave the way for women who want to start and continue to support those who have made.

The 'Cooperation Network of Entrepreneurs' program is an initiative developed jointly by regional Embark Andalusia and the Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW), to promote cooperation between entrepreneurs and businesswomen, and to increase innovation and competitiveness of enterprises through the establishment of networks to facilitate their access to new resources and business opportunities.

The Advisory Service to Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship AMI aims to incorporate the gender perspective into the corporate culture, encourage the incorporation of women to the field and facilitate their participation through business networks and contacts for business.