The IAM commitment to values ​​education in the School Day of Peace and Non-Violence.

Remember that equality training helps to prevent all forms of violence, particularly sexist.

The Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW) stressed to mark the School Day of Peace and Non-Violence, held throughout the educational community, the importance of the introduction of co-education and values ​​education in the educational system to form a society from a gender perspective, and to prevent all forms of violence. In this sense, stressed that coeducation includes, addition to education on equal, training in respect and personal growth toward empathy and peaceful resolution of conflict.

The IAM project mentioned AMI detects coeducation-Andalucía, whose preliminary study indicated that the 65% of adolescents from Andalusia 14 and 16 years presented sexism, either in his views on the roles, traits or the legitimacy of authority. The lack of knowledge on the subject and internalized myths seem to be the reason for this data: more than half think that love implies possession, jealousy and exclusiveness.

Against this, AMI has stressed the importance of the education system, “one of the most important socializing axes”, enhances equality, emotional life, emotional management, the peaceful resolution of conflicts “and, above all, respect and responsibility in all areas of life”. Thus, AMI has opted for the model coeducational, that “with his critique of inequality and to support learning attitude of emotions and feelings have been shown to contribute greatly to prevent the problem of gender violence”.

The IAM also noted the “invested great effort” from the Board in promoting education in the field of equality and non-violence, and recalled that Andalusia has been “leading and pioneering initiatives of coeducation”, such as teacher training in equality and ampas-reinforced this year with a new programming methodology-, designation in each school and school boards Coordinator Coeducation a person or creating an elective gender Secondary Education. To this add the informative sessions and the distribution of resources and training materials, that 2014 They will have new formats and contents.