The IAJ unveils the winners of Almería Young Awards 2016

The winners with the Government Delegate and Coordinator of the IAJ.

The winners with the Government Delegate and Coordinator of the IAJ.
The winners with the Government Delegate and Coordinator of the IAJ.

The provincial coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth (IAJ), Ramon Soto, today unveiled the winners of Almería Young Awards 2016, granted by this body in order to recognize the career of young and entities of the province that have outstanding work in different fields. The ceremony will take place these honorary awards on Wednesday, 23 November, to 20.30 hours, in the Teatro Cervantes in the capital, in an open public event, with free admission until full capacity.

Ramon Soto has invited "Almeria to attend the gala next Thursday and participate in the tribute to the IAJ you want to pay these young, who they have outstanding work in various fields and show creativity, tireless dedication or youth work Almeria is making to improve the lives of all citizens ".

The event will feature performances of the Big Band Swing Clasijazz & Funky, training composed by 20 young musicians and guest artists. His repertoire is centered on the swing and dance music of the decades of the years 30 and 50 last century.

With regard to the list of winners in the edition 2016 Almería Young Awards, the list is composed of: windsurfer Victor Fernandez, by promoting Andalusia Abroad; the 'youtuber' Francisco Fernandez 'Kikillo', in the category of Media; "Project Siempre Contigo 'IES Puebla de Vícar, in the category of Solidarity and Social Action; the business project 'My Hive', in the field of Economy and Employment; the flamenco singer Angela Cuenca, in the category of Art; Jairo Ruiz Paralympic triathlete, in Sports; university professor and scientific popularizer Ramón González, in the section University; y la Asociación Sunbars, in Asociacionismo.

two special mentions will also be awarded, the young of Cuevas del Almanzora, Ignacio Lopez Mulero and the Moriscos Games Aben Humeya, that every year are organized in the town of Purchena.

Double world champion and four times Windsurf Spain

The IAJ will distinguish this year in Andalusia section Promotion Abroad Victor Fernandez Lopez, Double world champion and quadruple champion Spain Windsurfing. This known almeriense athletes competing adds to its achievements a leading social work, reflection of his great human qualities. In each competition and performing each activity in which it is present, It is showing a positive image of young almerienses: workers, officials, committed to their generation and their land. Victor Fernandez has participated in international campaigns for the care of the beaches and wherever you are, It is also in charge of publicizing the coast of our province for windsurfing. It has also launched and given its support to entrepreneurial projects.

In the category of Media, the prize awarded this year by the IAJ is for the 'yutuber' Francisco Fernandez, better known as 'Kikillo'. The channel Youtuve this young almeriense has more than 70.000 followers, that chronicles the everyday situations that happen to him and realizes in addition to the customs almerienses, with a great sense of humor and sympathy.

Collaboration and Solidarity

Solidarity and Social Action, the distinction this year is for the Project Always With You, IES driven from Puebla de Vícar. Through him, student assistants, 'Cibermanagers' and mediators, They are demonstrating their selfless help other young people who are a generation solidarity, worried about their peer group, with ability to find positive solutions to problems and interest in preventing situations that negatively affect their emotional development and form of their colleagues. This project has also been recognized at the regional level awards the Promotion of Culture of Peace and Coexistence School in Andalusia.

Another category of Almería Young Awards 2016 is the Economy and Employment, where the winners are the drivers of 'My Hive', a project born as an initiative by the union, support and enthusiasm of staff professional development sector and the digital era. Its purpose is to bring entrepreneurs experience, methodology and learning. All from the paradigm of awareness and responsibility for their actions and the transformation of habits, attitudes and skills towards the implementation of the economic initiative.

artists, athletes and scientists

The multifaceted artist Angela Cuenca is the winner of the award in the category of Art. Cuenca is flamenco singer, degree in Fine Arts and professor at the Conservatoire de Almería. His undisputed quality as singer, their studies and research on Flamenco, his works on canvas, but especially his defense of Flamenco as a vehicle to combat social exclusion, through the educational project 'Flamenco School: Cante Flamenco as Integrator Partner- Cultural’, They constitute an example for other young people in the province.

Equally, also an example of struggle and overcoming the Paralympic triathlete Jairo Ruiz, recent bronze medal at the Paralympics in Brazil. Ruiz has worked hard to stay in the elite of Spanish sport, as show his eight championships and of course Spain, the first Paralympic medal for the Spanish Triatlo, todo un hito.

The award in the section University is Ramón González Sánchez, PhD from the University of Almería (through a grant from the Spanish Government) and Computer Engineering from the same university. In this University has received two separate awards for Best Doctoral Thesis in Engineering (September, 2016) and Best Thesis in Engineering (April, 2007). His professional experience is completed with several years of university teaching at both the University of Zaragoza and in Almeria, and numerous projects with private companies and public funds. Es autor del libro ‘Autonomous Tracked Robots in Planar Off-Road Conditions’ publicado por Springer en April de 2014, which has more than 2.900 downloads to date October 2016. His resume is completed with numerous publications in international journals, Congress, and two patents.

Another key tasks for Ramon is popular science. Works from September 2014 as a postdoctoral associate in the group of Robotics Mobility Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the science of navigation mobile robots and autonomous vehicles in outdoor conditions. His work is part of several research projects including NASA and NATO. With respect to the first agency, Ramón González working on a project related to the mobility of planetary robots. Working with NATO may be applied in future simulation software for military vehicles, where satellite information is combined with path planning.

In the section Asociacionismo, the prize was awarded to the collective Sunbars, a formal group of young people in the neighborhood of El Puche Almeria practicing 'workout' several years ago and spontaneously without resources. With the passage of time and the support of Almería Acoge, They have made their own circuit in your neighborhood, where they are attracting people from other places to practice this sport. Sunbars members being capable of producing a change in the mentality of young people in their environment, and projecting a different image of their neighborhood, occupying the street and leisure time in El Puche positive and enriching way.

special mentions

One of the two special mentions edition 2016 Almería Young awards for Ignacio Lopez Mulero is, Cuevas del Almanzora. Member of the Association of People with Disabilities in your municipality, Lopez is very involved in the promotion of volunteerism and giving visibility and normalize disability among school, that gives lectures and conducts workshops that altruistically in schools in the region

The other mention is for Aben Humeya Moriscos Games, driven by the city of Purchena. This sporting event, Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia, was recovered a few years ago only, to rescue a part of the municipality's history and has become today a unique and original quote in Andalusia.

The Moriscos Aben Humeya Games are held every year and have emerged as a cultural event, respectful of Moorish culture, traditional, characteristic of popular folklore and especially attractive for tourism. Within the game there are several ways, in which participants can register through the official website of the event. Fight, archery, weight lifting, triple jump, sprint, dance or singing, are some of the activities. Sports practices are, as usual, shows of force, skill or precision, while musical based on the originality of the costumes and choreography.