The Immaculate Hospital of Huercal-Overa maintains its surgical activity 100% of capacity.

General Huercal Overa

The center currently has an average occupancy of 53% and introduced new surgical techniques that reduce the stay and facilitate faster patient recovery.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, Alfredo Valdivia this morning visited the Hospital La Inmaculada Huercal-Overa, coinciding with the celebration in the town of the First Meeting of Citizen Participation and Health 'hello', organized by the Northern Area Health Almería. Valdivia has been worth the hard work done by the staff of the center, one of the highest rated in Andalusia. The Hospital currently operates at 100% its surgical capacity and its efficiency has greatly improved thanks to the introduction of new surgical techniques.

During the visit to La Inmaculada, Alfredo Valdivia held a meeting with the school management, as well as the director of the Management Unit Clinical Surgery. Faced with the statements made by leaders of the PP of Almeria and the City of Huercal-Overa, territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policies wanted to send a message of reassurance to the citizens of the region of Levante, since "La Inmaculada hospital works and will continue to operate normally and is completely false that there has been a reduction in services or that has had to transfer any patients to other centers in the province due to lack of resources".

Valdivia explained that "the current occupation of the center is the 53%, ie slightly more than half full, therefore it was decided to extend the usual reserve beds during the summer months, in order to manage public resources in the best way possible ". Nursing staff for the attention of the beds remain in reserve has been redeployed elsewhere in the hospital, and outpatient areas, in order to optimize resources center. At the time when the demand for care makes it necessary, will again put to work immediately.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy has invited the Mayor of Huercal-Overa and other leaders of his party "to go to the hospital management direction or territorial delegation itself, to see first hand what the real situation of the hospital, instead cause alarm and confusion among the population of the region, with statements at all correspond with reality ".

New surgical techniques

Throughout the meeting, medical director of the Hospital La Inmaculada, Francisco Delgado explained that "healthcare organizations need to be flexible and be prepared to meet the demand for care increases when they occur and to optimize the resources available to us in times of low demand and that is what is currently being done".

For his part, the director of the Management Unit Clinical Surgery, Rafael Rosado said that "not only not been any decrease in hospital surgical activity, it is a center that each year will more, with the introduction of new surgical techniques, posed a significant benefit to the patient and his family, to reduce the stay and facilitate faster recovery ". Rosado noted that "this is a facility that has been built and grown largely thanks to the work effort and dedication of the professionals, also feel a special attachment to this hospital ".

Less referral to other centers

In the past two years we have worked intensively on the development of new care circuits. This has meant that patients are treated at this center pathologies, without having to travel to the referral hospital in the capital of the province.

In the Hospital La Inmaculada the fact that there was difficulty to attract professionals, fundamentally voluntary experts from different fields, common in many regional centers. Nowadays, this pitfall is saved and has a full staff of doctors. That is why, that have been redirected care circuits so far required support from other hospital departments of provincial reference.

For example, in external consultation, the cardiology today assumes all patients referred to hospital. Thus, is no longer necessary to send patients to inquiries from Almería, Until a few months ago were more than 100 patients / month. The same happens with the specialties of Orthopedics and Urology

Regarding Hospital Medical Day, opening it has been a major advance in the accessibility of patient treatments in the area. They are trying Internal Medicine patients without hospitalization, which means an increase of more than one 60% with respect to the treatments administered prior year. Also patients with oncological pathology Hematology: lymphomas, multiple myelomas, o leucemias, who moved to Almeria, currently receiving treatment at this center.

The quality of care is not measured in number of beds, but health outcomes. In the current health care advanced surgical techniques and the organization of services allowed precedence performing ambulatory surgery (that does not require hospitalization) and, therefore, reduce hospital stay of patients, and patient care through the day hospital.

In Almería, the Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy has made a bet decided by improved surgical techniques and technologies, enhancing both the performance of major surgery and minor outpatient, queries as one act and providing schools with high-tech equipment.