The Spanish Government is awaiting the results of a report by the United States to decide on the lands of Palomares.

The Government admits delay in the promised solution Clinton and says that Rajoy will not address the issue with Obama.

The U.S. current state administration is due to receive a report from several departments before deciding what to do with soil contaminated with plutonium remaining in Palomares (Almería), where four nuclear bombs fell when two planes collided in U.S. Air Force 1966.
So says the Spanish Government in response to a recent parliamentary PSOE deputy Alex Sáez, which has had access to Europa Press. Palomares pollution is one of the few disputes that Spain has with USA, but the team of President Mariano Rajoy has no intention, in principle, to put it on the table during his visit to the White House today 13 January, Government sources have informed Europa Press.

Almost two years after the then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, promise to his Spanish colleague, José Manuel García-Margallo, that “soon” have good news about the Spanish request for the U.S. to clean the area, Executive Mariano Rajoy acknowledged that the "political situation" in the U.S. –with presidential elections in between– has “paralyzed” processing.
"The U.S. electoral dynamin –There were presidential and legislative elections in November 2012– and the decision of Ms. Clinton not to continue in office staffer making a final decision by the U.S. administration ", Government justifies.

After the elections “began to be appointed new senior and formed new teams in different U.S. Departments with jurisdiction in the matter (State, Defense, Energy and National Security Council)”, process has also been "repeatedly hampered by the delay in the Senate for many key ministerial appointments to resolve this matter", continue the Executive in its response.
"A team 'interagency' composed of the aforementioned Department is responsible for preparing a report on the U.S. administration will make a final decision. The above written political situation has paralyzed Durantes months such equipment ", the Government states.
In all this time, however, Executive claims to have continued to raise the issue "all relevant levels in Washington, with the aim of advancing the painstaking process of U.S. interagency coordination ".

(Europa Press)