The natural gas will reach the homes and businesses of Albox.

Albox be one of the first municipalities in the province to which the natural gas arrives, with consequent energy savings for families and businesses, creating jobs and investment opportunities. Albox City Council approved by the Department of Planning building permit requested by the company Redexis Gas to start with gasification work necessary to drive the natural gas from the Huerca-Overa Guadix-Baza-pipeline to Albox.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, has informed entrepreneurs approval of planning permission and the imminent arrival of natural gas to the municipality, that will occur in the coming months. Both the City Council and the Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Albox -AEPA- They are rated "very positively" this fact that "with the arrival of drinking water is the largest project for the future for industry and households in the history of Albox. The gas is what sets our county leaders in competitiveness of our products. We can reduce the energy costs of our families and businesses up to 30% ", reported by the Socialist mayor.

Councillor for Planning of the City of Albox, Sonia Cerdán, previously met with officials from the company responsible for the supply of gas to the province, anticipates that as provided in the approved project days ago "works will begin in March and with them the branches connecting the pipeline to be constructed buildings".

Cerdán thus indicates that "the future has come to Albox through this management and given the progress in recent months on basic goods such as water and energy". Works are expected to finish this year with what albojenses citizens may request the use of this energy in the coming months.

Only people of the region

Albox is the only municipality in the district of Almanzora to natural gas arrives this year 2015 and one of the first in the province of Almería to have this energy, thus reinforcing the position of district and provincial leadership of the town. "This is an opportunity for the creation of jobs in relation to the works but also to discuss the ongoing facility maintenance jobs, recruitment, the arrival of investments…"Lists the Mayor, Rogelio Mena.

The mayor recalled that "with the opening of the first class sports facilities that already have with our neighbors, the arrival of drinking water to the town and being one of the first people who will enjoy the natural gas, this team of socialist government has achieved in just over a year and a half that the future will become a reality for all albojenses in record time ".ixis