FROM Foundation Kati Y Almeria: IGNORANCE OR DESIDIA. By Antonio Rojas Llaguno.

Last Day 23 January, the City of Toledo, hands of the mayor, Emilio Garcia- Page, Kati has awarded the Gold Medal Fund City, in the presence, among other authorities, President of the Cortes de Castilla la Mancha and vice president of Toledo.

He received such honor and distinction Ismael Haidara Diadié, of Ultimo patriarca of the family Kati, from Toledo and took up residence in the Niger River Bend over five hundred years ago.

The Kati Fund constitutes a collection of 12.657 manuscripts, with 7.126 marginal notes in 1.102 them, written in Arabic, aljamiado old Castilian and Hebrew, whose home was the personal library that will take him to black Africa in 1467 the then patriarch of the family, Ali Ben Ziyad. These manuscripts are invaluable, for, many of them contain invaluable information to reinterpret many pages of the history of Spain and particularly Andalucía, as some hundreds of them are from the Al- He had visited Andalus well Ziyad immediately before leaving for exile African su. The exile of many other Andalusians to Africa, the contribution of many architecture, poetry, historiography or political environment are among its pages Timbuktu, as the creation of a State governed by the Andalusians to take him Yuder Pasha, birthplace Cuevas del Almanzora.

Well, part of this important legacy may be in Almeria land, or our researchers study these manuscripts in Timbuktu Kati Library, but ignorance, lack of interest or apathy of our institutions have not yet possible.

Wear many years trying to report the story of the relationship between Al-Andalus, and especially Almeria, and this important cultural legacy, considered by UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in recent times, to the instability of Mali, assess the possibility that it is located in our land of this valuable cultural treasure. The Andalusian financed 2003 the construction of the Library of Timbuktu to host this Kati Fund, and the University of Almería has undertaken specific actions to raise awareness of the presence of al-Andalus in the Saharan summer course at some, and a recent conference on the current situation in Mali and the dangers of destruction of cultural heritage of Timbuktu. But the unfinished business is the signing of an agreement between the Fund and the University Kati for our researchers to study his manuscripts in Malian town. Conventions as those who have signed such prestigious universities as Cape Town in South Africa and other European and American as Chicago as Trento and Genoa can be an encouragement to our University do the same. In this I am and I hope and trust that no later occur in the corresponding signature.

Also thinking about the location of a portion of the Fund Kati Almería, such as in the house of Angel Valente, that, certainly, names the library in Timbuktu, and taking advantage of the presence of Ismael Diadié in Almería, I wanted to meet with the deputy chief of the Provincial Council Presidency, Aureliano Javier García, to raise the topic with. Despite mediation willful mayor of Cuevas, Jesus Caicedo, Deputy not find an opening to greet, and that the mayor personally Caicedo insisted that we received. 'In order to Veni, sino a dar!, heir ignorance of procrastination.

This is because I do not think that the keys were not welcome political differences, totally out of context, because what we are talking about something that is beyond party labels. An illustrative example of this is the support of the City of Jerez de la Frontera Fund Kati, whose mayor, the popular María José García-Pelayo, accompanied Ismael Toledo Diadié to collect the gold medal.

I do not know if it will be late for the Fund to come to Almeria Kati, because more cities sensibilizdas item, as Toledo, that he has offered his San Marcos Cultural Center for this purpose. José Luís Masegosa asked him the other day in La Voz de Almería: "Is there any initiative Almeria?”, that allows us to find, say- with our past written in beautiful pages of our bygone ancestors andalusíes.

Llaguno Antonio Rojas

Vice Kati Foundation, Timbuktu.